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Are y'all fans of southern accents?


Southern accents? They tend to be softer, more mellifluous.

Voices--harsh and unpleasant--often irritate me, and there are many on TV and radio, but when I hear a Southern man or woman speak in soft, pleasant tones I could listen for hours.

Redneck Accents

I, Angelique, am responsible for starting this discussion about what I mistakenly denigrated as "Southern accents." What I should have said was "redneck accents."

You would think that living here in Landfall there would be a little higher class of people, but let me tell you that the nouveau riche have bought homes on nearly every street. The nouveau riche are rednecks, and if Landfall did not have strict HOA laws, they would have junk cars in their front yards perched on cinder blocks.

My neighbor, a redneck from Brunswick County, talks redneck dialect. Examples:

Costs→Costes (Plastic surjry costes a lot of money, don't it?)

Yes, I meant "redneck" instead of Southern. Please excuse my error, ladies and gentlemen of the South, and there are a few of you living here in Landfall.

Dude, you've already had your 15 minutes of fame.

It was a funny troll the first time. After that you're just a one trick pony. Time to move on.

Why not do a Poll on how hot

Why not do a Poll on how hot people think Pop Corn has to get in order to POP!!!

Southern Accents

Southern Accents or any other accents are regional, even down to the county in which you live in some states. It is about the rich cultural fabric of our nation. We need to cherish our history and learn the roots of the language and dialects, not attempt to erase them.

Very well said!

Our distinct dialects are indicative of where we're from. We should all be proud of that. Ebonics, now that needs to take a hike! An educated person speaking with a southern accent is quite appealing. Anyone in a position to "speak" at an ORNL meeting will be educated, believe me.

The proposed ORNL class was only a movement by the so called "proper northerners" that happen to be in management. This stunt displays their "proper ignorance" and they displayed a perfect example of such!

Screw this "vision" of PC that so many try to push!

Accuracy; more important than an accent.

As long as a person can be understood, I could care less about their accent. Accuracy, on the other hand, is pretty important.

The accent reduction classes at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have been offered for years to scientists from other countries. The purpose was to help those international employees with heavy foreign accents to speak English more clearly so that they could communicate their thoughts more effectively to others. It was an offered class that was totally optional. Recently, some ONRL staff members, from the South, inquired about taking a class to reduce their own accents. The reason was simple; ONRL interacts with a diverse group of people who have English as a second language and standardized English is easier for them to comprehend because it's what they've been taught. When the school sent out an email saying that HR had created an accent reduction class for locals who wanted it, this phony politically correct firestorm was initiated. As a result, the invitation was rescinded and only internationals will be accepted into accent reduction classes, as they have been for years.

The class was never a movement, the term "proper northerners" was never used there, and the majority of ORNL management are actually from the South. David Keim, Director of Communications at ORNL, previously was an editor and reporter for the Knoxville (Tennessee) News Sentinel, where he served as the lead editor on county government coverage that won four national awards.

Not sure if you're being properly ignorant or deliberately divisive but both are wrong. Screw your "vision" of PC. It does nothing but pit one person against another.

Yeah? Well, I worked at ORNL...

..and know first hand how things work there. I am aware of the management roles AND their somewhat arrogant attitudes as well. It's simply another federally managed facility with some management that has their heads wedged tightly in their hindquarters.

I don't have a "vision" of PC and detest the overall concept in any form. I don't do PC and never will. I'm fully against divisiveness, especially over a "dialect" which is the very point of my post. Learn to comprehend what you read!

Now tell us Mr. Binary, who was REALLY "...properly ignorant..." here? You have 3 guesses and the first two don't count!


There is no binary here. This is singular. What you described never happened in the manner you described. (In binary, by the way, you don't have 3 guesses available to you, only two)

As to being divisive, of course you were. Your comments stated that this was a Northern movement, and did it in a derogatory way. That wasn't the case. That's divisive. It's your right to be that way, but you don't get a free pass by being able to deny that it is what it is.


ORNL is in Tenn which is below the Mason Dixon line. Who says management was comprised of "proper northerners"?????? Was that an assumption?
The other thing is that when the MD "line" was originally drawn it separated PA from Del. It is now separating NC and Tenn from VA and KY. Seems we have Mason Dixon line creep. Pretty soon NC will be north of that line.
But of course this is all just regional semantics involving dialects of the English language.
I love living here and enjoy the people and the culture. Northerners don't do anything better than southerners do, or vice versa - and we all speak the same language. Lord knows the south doesn't have the market cornered on stupid people, nor does the north have a majority of intellectuals as I know many ignorant "yankees" and brilliant southerners.
I do love the accent used in the south.


We can give them the benefit

We can give them the benefit of doubt that they didn't mean to be condescending boors, bless their hearts.

Y'all best believe in the

Y'all best believe in the South, honey child.