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Are you concerned about the number of officer-involved shootings recently?

Police shooting suspects

I read about a woman in another state who is suspected of pushing her husband off a mountain to his death. She was placed under house arrest. Here in Wilmington, North Carolina, a man suspected of shooting a deputy in a leg was shot to death by police officers. I think death is too severe a punishment for shooting a deputy in a leg! Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Still there

He just wasn't smart enough to turn himself in. He set this whole course in motion by his actions and decisions. You are trying to compare two completely different situations and failed.

No concern for the thugs.

I voted "no" for concern about the police shootings. I have no concern for the thugs who are being shot at and sometimes actually hit with a bullet. However, I do have concern for the police officers who are risking their lives to protect the citizens of Wilmington. Maybe the wanna be thugs will think twice about committing the crime if they see that they just might get shot.



You first

You bring a knife to a gun fight and see how that works out for ya. Also, press the key labeled 'Caps Lock' once and then rip it off the keyboard. You can't be trusted to use it responsibly.

Police need better training

I am upset about these recent WPD shootings. Several shots were fired and most missed the target. IMHO these men and women in law enforcement need to be better trained in shooting so that they can take out the criminals in just a few well placed rounds. Seriously, look back at the last two shootings - some of the thugs didn't catch lead at all and one just took a hit in the leg.

I voted yes

I voted yes on this question, but I did it for one reason and one reason only: I'm concerned in the sense that our officers are having to shoot to kill so frequently. I do NOT want ANY of our police officers or Sheriff's deputies being shot or killed, and this recent spike in thug behavior has made it essential for officers to shoot and that means their lives are at greater risk. I don't give a flip for ANY thugs shot and killed WHAT.SO.EVER. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, the more thugs shot and removed from the public, the better. It's like flushing a toilet. Thug garbage and crap needs to be flushed from our society completely.


As a Mom and Grandmother of 3 generations of law enforcement officers I am very worried about all officers who are out there 24/7 serving and protecting our town and surroundings. Through the years I have seen many changes in the courts and laws that it has become so hard to convict these criminals. It is very difficult to be an officer now as these people have so many rights available to them. When we are facing the invasions of gangs and senseless shootings of innocent lives, these officers are highly trained to deal with these situations, and are constantly continuing training in efforts to curb this violence.This should be the number 1 priority and the 2nd should be the drug dealers that are preying on our children. So with that I say their doing one great job with what they have to deal with..GOD BLESS AND KEEP ALL OUR OFFICERS SAFE. Concerned Mom

support our cops

With crime out of control in Wilmington, what choice to the police have but to shoot back and defend themselves? Nobody in their right mind would walk anywhere in Wilmington after dark. Unfortunately, the police have no choice. Their lives are at risk anytime they are on patrol.

As long as they are shooting

As long as they are shooting thugs, I say "carry on".

Can we get these Law

Can we get these Law Officers some more guns and ammo.....?

go up

I hope they rise so the criminals know the law abiding citizens are tired of them. I also hope they get to be better shots.

Concerned yes; but not for

Concerned yes; but not for the reason one might think. My concern is the number of people doing things that make officers feel the need to shoot :\ The idea of leaving this city I've called home since 1989 has certainly crossed my mind a few times of late and is NOT from the PD in any way but those who are making this place an unsafe environment.

Nope not at all...

Going to be stupid, and try what the morons have done lately, I feel sorry for none of them. If it takes it, to keep people safe, they can do what they need too!!!!

make sure to shoot to kill

I could not have said it any better