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Are you disappointed that there won't be an air show at ILM next year?

The Air Show

I was born and raised here in wilmington. I've see a lot of changes, some good, some bad. The air show has been an intricate part of my life. Now that it's gone, I feel that it's only a matter of time before all the traditions that has made up Wilmingtons' personality as a stand-alone City, which used to be a wonderful Town, will all be gone. WOW! I wonder what
Ben McDonald would say?

Due to work and family I

Due to work and family I have not been able to attend the air show for quite a few years. Now that i am not able to work and family is up and out i could go to another air show. Now i find out that there is not going to be one really sucks. And they say they can't get the flights rescheduled. Ha, they didn't have a problem in the years past.
SOLUTION, I am going to take my money to another city that is, and watch an air show.

im not done...

In the state that was first in flight no less... money that could have helped our airspace and city will now be spent in sc myrtal beach... my children will see the blue angels...not what I was expecting when I googled our next show...

Are you Serious?

I am a native to wilmington nc and have been going to the air shows since a child. I now have children old enough to enjoy the same memories I did and your telling me I can't take them because flights can't be scheduled for later?? Think about it, they have 3 years to arrange flights to leave and arrive at times the show is not going what's the problem?? One weekend in 3 years is a problem? This is rediculous!! Inconvenience a few passengers verses disappointing a whole town I say the planes that complain don't need to land here anyway! Wow..

Wait a Minute !

Hey! They still have Airshows in New York City, Washington, DC and a lot of other M A J O R Airport areas !! Sounds as if it is just too inconvenient for the Azalea Festival and the airport folks to put on. And we must not inconvenience the Azalea Fest folks ans especially the sponsors Things pass away in time. Perhaps the Azalea Festival should go the way of the Greenfield Lake Train? With exceptions for the street fair and the parade it is a Sponsors party event. I miss Al McGuire and the (free) Variety show! See, things do go away. . .

This is a huge bummer. I

This is a huge bummer. I have been going to the airshows here since I was little. I was really looking forward to taking my son next year. You would think there could be a little more coordination between the Airlines and the event coordinaters. After 40+ years they are just now complaining? Here's an idea to the airlines, if you want to here gripes, how about the increased prices and additional charges to fly these days.... I degress. The real point I am making here is the fact that this is a huge blow to our community in an event we all look forward to. It only comes around every 3-4 years. I think ILM folded without a fight. Way to go guys.

Air Show

To me it sounds like this is a planning problem.I am sure the airlines would work with the airport in getting the flights rescheuled.The amount of money the airport takes in during these airshows,tell me somebody is not telling the whole story.

That's EXACTLY what I'm

That's EXACTLY what I'm thinking. Someone isn't telling us the whole story.

Roseborough, we actually have computers these days...

...that can help you to reschedule a few silly flights and pacify your flying cattle! You don't have to continually manage that airport on the back of an envelope any longer.

You can just willy-nilly

You can just willy-nilly move flights around for one day when you are a tiny spoke airport without all the connection routes for multiple airlines being affected. As if the local head as that kind of control in our tiny city/airport. Man, the people in this town get nuttier every year.