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Are you excited about the new iPhones?

Cell Phone

I wonder how much business these companies lose because they refuse to manufacture a phone that is heavy duty, moisture proof, without the camera, without texting, and without the web. Also, the voice mail message does not need to be a 5 minute dissertation that eats up minutes. It could be "Hi, this is (your name), please leave your name and number at the tone or press 1 for more options." For the people that like and want all the options, that's great........but the people that do not want them should not have to opt out.

I'm finally astonished.....

We have finally arrived at "the time" where a new Iphone has raised little, if any, excitement. Think about it (for us older folks) when was the last time we got excited when a new rotary phone came out?. Slim lines were OK but nothing to write home about. New colors were nice from time to time. But we didn't stand in line at the phone company to buy one.

Are we back at "that time" again? Have cell phones reached the the pinnacle of their new technology?
Or, are we just becoming immune to the tech announcements made by Apple, Microsoft, Verizon, Samsung, and others?

Are smart phones the "new" rotary phones of this generation?


I don't do Apple...

...because I'm not computer illiterate. My S4 beats the pants off of any iPhone. I can use my digital collection of music and can replace my own batteries instead of relying on the dependency of Apple on my phone, my desktop, my laptop and my kindle fire HD.