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Are you excited about Widespread Panic playing two concerts during the Azalea Festival?

Yeah Man!

Can't wait for the spread heads. Gonna be lots of ecstacy, molly, assortment of pills, whip its, pot, and a nice blend of coke. Gonna a be a great time. No one dealing here, we already got our s@#t. Why would anyone cause any problems? It's all about love and peace man. We're just trying to have a good time. You old folks just don't understand. We're just the wave of the future. We don't mean no harm, we just wanna do our drugs. We just peaceful zombies who like to bounce in circles. Even though "they" try to pronounce "they" advocate against drugs, you are bat s@#t crazy. From the beginning, it has always been about getting f'up. Pretend all you want, but I've been there and it's no hello kitty affair.

Why worry……When you can PANiC!!!???

Let it go Fogies, you haven't had a music seen since Panic last played there in 1996 and in 1994 and in 1992…… Your lucky to have such good music , good people and good times to come and visit/spend money in your outdated little town. You Should be Glad, You Should be Happy to be Alive!

Why worry ….. When you can PANiC!!!!!

These guys aren't some crappy, glazed eyed, mediocre, 60's band like all you old fogies are used to. We love music for music, talent for talent. The difference between Panic and the music/fans that you's guys are used to is that they actually have talent with a fan base that appreciates just that so how about hold your judgements and degradation's until after you've seen the shows. Much appreciated Depend's. Fear not, we will School's you when we get there and yes… we are coming…..!!!!

What you folks really want

What you folks really want is "The Platters" or a band that plays Shag music.
Admit it...Wilmington stopped cold in 1958!

53% of who???

SurfcityTom … really…. you think that a WWAY on-line poll is an accurate indication of the concert going populace? Or was it just an opportunity to throw a stab at the city council? … I will say again … I am no WSP fan … but I do know A LOT of people that are ….. and yes “JN”, given that the band has been around since 1986 they actually do have a pretty big “over 50” fan base.
And “DISGUSTED” … where in the world are you getting your information???? …. This quote is from “Billboard” which is a national music publication … not some local paper .. "With full cooperation of concert promoters and local authorities, Widespread Panic makes every possible effort to ensure a safe environment for everyone attending a show," the band's statement continued. "Furthermore, we fully support the actions taken by local police to eliminate drug dealing and underage drinking at all Widespread Panic concerts. Thousands of fans attend Widespread Panic shows equipped with only an appreciation for the music, and respect for their fellow concert goers; this is the responsible type of behavior learned first in the home, and then carried into public, social situations. This is the environment in which Widespread Panic strives to play a positive role, and will continue to do so."
This band is VERY talented … and has a very diverse following … and I’m telling you …. They will sell out both nights …. Just because some of you haven’t heard of them …. Really isn’t relevant is it?

Comprehend … really??

“which is it? You can not read? OR, you can not comprehend? OR, you make a failed attempt at putting me in place.” .. You crack me up … I didn’t question your simple mathematics … I made a point about the fact that your data was skewed. … so … just so there are no “comprehension” issues … I’ll give you a simple example …. Say … for instance … I took a poll in Birmingham around 1963 about segregation … and say … for instance … I only polled city officials and the police department … then I portrayed this data as results for the whole nation … see where I’m going with this … this is what I said … “you think that a WWAY on-line poll is an accurate indication of the concert going populace?” … what part of that don’t YOU comprehend .. was it the fact that I went beyond the simple math into the world of probability and outcome?

And speaking of comprehending … user “GUESTY” .. only the beginning of my post was to Surfcity Tom … if you will notice … I addressed 2 other users … that is why I didn’t use the “reply” … however … since all of this is a reply to this specific thread .. I have used the “reply” .. but thanks for playing.

Surfcity Tom… here is your quote again with the grammatical errors corrected … seems I can read after all…. “which is it? You cannot read? OR, you cannot comprehend? OR, you made a failed attempt at putting me in place.” … I really wasn’t trying to “put you in your place” … I was just making a point about the data you were using … however … if it had been my intentions to ... I would not have failed .. and just so we are clear … and you “comprehend” … it was my intent this time … pretty sure I didn’t fail

Re: 53%

Good post. I saw WSP at Lockn' last September and thought they were great! They did a set of Creedence Clearwater Revival along with John Fogerty. It was a memorable performance. Jimmy Herring is among the best guitarist today, my opinion. Jimmy was also on stage with Susan Tedeschi, Bobby Weir and Phil Lesh. I'm sure all the nay sayers are going huh? Who? No, they are not music industry robots, rather jam band musicians specializing in improv. If you don't want to see them, don't. Maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd will show back up with their one original band member and play note for note what you've listened to for years.


they are musically talented and put out good music, but no matter "the press releases" of how they "discourage" drug use, there is a STRONG drug culture behind them like it or not. I'd rather just buy their cd than go to a show and see all the fruit loops with glazed eyes flapping their arms and bouncing in circles. You can call me an old fart, but I did see them at the Mad Monk with maybe 50 people when they were just getting started before most of you blowhards. With that said, I do appreciate good music, but can do without being around a bunch of walking dead people. Yes, both shows will be sold out, spin it any way you want, there will be ramped drug use going on. Way to go Wilmington!


which is it? You can not read? OR, you can not comprehend? OR, you make a failed attempt at putting me in place.

I clearly indicated where the 53% came from. Take the % number of those respondents who never heard of the group. Add the % number of those respondents who do not care. 38% plus 15% sure equals 53%.

Why not go back to school and take some basic math?


obviously you can't read and comprehend? Yes 2 + 2 = 4, but you totally missed the point. It has nothing to with math. Your reply makes no sense to the comment and you clearly need to go back to school and learn some basic reading skills.

New feature just installed here

Look for the button labeled 'reply' directly under the comment you are responding to. Then when your posting is approved and shows up, if anybody takes the time to read it they can then just look up at the original comment.

Welcome to the Internet, it is brand new.

An Azalea flop. Whomever

An Azalea flop. Whomever came up with this band for the Azalea Festival made a bad choice. I never even heard of them and neither has some of the people I have talked too.

wake up

Maybe you haven't heard of Panic so … was Moses in concert?


Don't know anything about this band and generally I don't care about the
Azalea Festival. Been there, done that several times over and it's grown stale for me.
But putting the band shows downtown in a parking lot did rejuvenate the festival and allowed for bigger ticket sales. Of course this does NOTHING for the audience that has to stand outside in the elements but that's OK - the festival as NEVER meant to be for the little, native Wilmington guy.......



Widespread Panic is a “Jam Band” from Athens Georgia … think a cross between the Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead. They have a HUGE following … I wonder if Wilmington has the lodging accommodations to handle this. Their highly acclaimed guitarist Jim Herring is a native of Fayetteville and went to Terry Sanford High … not really my cup of tea … but they will sell both shows out.


of respondents either do not know the group or don't care.

Does that send a message?

If it's going to the City Council, they're not listening. Right now it appears their focus is the over priced parking deck and cold storage facilities; and how they can help Mr. Schoninger further profit.

Concerts at CFCC

Widespread Panic is known for playing unique, 3 hour shows. The Azalea Festival site says it will be SRO (standing room only) and chairs may not be brought in. Is it known if this is, in fact, true. I won't be paying $60 to stand for 3 hours.....regardless of how much I like a group.

What is this?

Any entertainment for people over 50! I have a good name for a non-music, head-banging so called band. "Purple Commode Seat"

Walking zombies

Who would of thought "they" were filming a new episode of the walking dead. Wilmington, we should feel privileged, I know I can't wait!

how about perry como?

all these new-fangled rock music need to go. how about some old timey accordion bands. now I got to change by depends...

I am absolutely appalled

I am absolutely appalled that Wilmington would have this band at the Azalea Festival. To each their own but this group supports drug use of all types and will attract just that. Of all the bands in the world, why Widespread Panic? Did the event organizers do any research regarding their music, reputation etc? DISGUSTED

Who are they?

Who is this group, what kind of music do they play and where are they from?


Darn dirty hippies, cut your hair and stay off my lawn!!