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Are you pleased with the deal to avert the fiscal cliff?

Mr. McIntyre

To bad he didn't try to help the middle class to make sure our taxes didn't go up. He should have been thinking of us and not just himself since his will undoubted still rise.

Response to fiscal cliff vote

This is pure politics...nothing is solved, no plan to fix the problem is offered...just a poorly executed attempt to take the attention off the real issues...they knew how to vote themselves an undeserved raise though without debate...they deserve a kick in the ***, not a raise. Our elected officials should be brought to task now and this should be a top priority and not something they are allowed to push off on future generations.

re: pay raise

The pay raise put forward this week was not initiated by Congress to give themselves a pay raise. It was an executive order issued by President Barak Obama. In fact, they voted to reenstate the pay freeze. Maybe the President was doing what he always does to get what he wants, throw money at whomever he is trying to win over. It worked to win him re-election, maybe he thought it would work to get his tax increases pushed thru.