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Are you taking part in Giving Tuesday?

invented holiday to guilt people into giving up more income

I give every payday to the tune of about 20 percent
that should be sufficient

the best place for your

the best place for your money is in your pocket. keep your money there

"Giving Tuesday": The latest darling of the media lemmings

"Giving Tuesday: A program conceived by a YMCA in NYC and now being essentially implemented by jcpenney with some events that, coincidentally, are being mostly held right outside their own stores where "event" goers will have a chance to buy something later.

Too bad the media is so addicted to cutesy stuff like this that they keep trying to morph essentially unreal stuff into media driven reality.

Last week we had Brown Thursday here. This week it's Giving Tuesday. WWAY's own poll should clearly point out that Giving Tuesday isn't a generic reality. Stop already.

Real life should determine what's real or not. Not the media.