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Are you worried about Hurricane Sandy?


If you live in NY you should be. There Reservoirs are at 99% Full its been raining for a week, and records show they have never had a 12-15" rain fall in a 24 hour period in all of recorded weather history.The combination will spell disaster!

nothing going to happen

The weatherman on WWAY said "SPOTTY SHOWERS!" for the weekend. Cmon people. Calm down. This isn't going to be anything. Good greif. You are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

You obviously haven't lived

You obviously haven't lived in the area very long then. Floyd was a small category 2 when it hit. The rain is what caused all the damage, not the wind.

The forecast calls for a 100% chance of rain tomorrow. So you do the math.

The fuel prices are already rising....

...because of "Sandy". There's rumors of another storm happening next year causing homeowners insurance rates to skyrocket. The moon is beginning to wobble a bit, increasing the global warming panic and an off-tick of earths orbit. Food prices will escalate. One thing is for sure though. Illegal Mexicans will continue to flood the country and the other entitlement recipients are getting hungrier...