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Based on these responses to an Elon University poll, which person with NC ties do you most admire?

Based on how long this poll has been running ....

... it's way past time to move on to something else.

What an awful list. Mostly

What an awful list. Mostly ignorant racist garbage. I went with the Wright brothers.

I admire old jesse helms and

I admire old jesse helms and andy griffin, the rest of them i dont give a rip abot, especially that old racist maya angeloo and that old michael jorden who recently said that he dont like white folks he can go fudge himself!!!

you could give someone

you could give someone better then that bunch

Sam Ervin,a racist who spent years of tax$ audiorecording Nixon

Sam Ervin later decided politically they have to give 'something' to the "Nigg***" quote, after the A & T students shot by national guard, then the desegregation race riots; a strictly political maneuver to remain in control of Democrats. He has 2 descendants still on the higher court bench in NC.

No kidding.

Pretty sorry selection unless you're a male white NASCAR Christian sports fan.