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Brunswick County parents: traditional start time for school or staggered start?

Ideally a traditional start

Ideally a traditional start of school would be the best choice however it is the responsibility of all involved (educators and parents-both of which I am) to make a realistic decision that will make the most use of the limited funds available. Despite extensive considerations, there will be people on both sides who disagree with the final outcome. The effects of staggered on educational achievement is minuet compared to the negative impact of decreased funds to accommodate a return to traditional start. Common sense leans more to stagger. It might be a good idea to allow those (trained to maximize educational opportunities, potential and progress of each student) to make this kind of decision. It's a professional standard. Transparency is a wonderful thing but trust builds when allowed.

Brunswick school schedule

So glad that the Brunswick County School has gone back to the regular schedule.. Those who are talking about all the traffic, Well this will beat having traffic tied up 2 times each day. Parents will have their children home about the same time... Children should be home from school well before dark and be home to do other things beside school. My grandchildren have homework, sports, things to do at home and other activities out side of the school. There is also the activities at school, you get home and then have to be right back at school. Getting out around 3 for all school will be better for families.


...and when your grandchildren are stuck in a class with more children because teaching positions have been eliminated due to the money the switch back to no-staggered schedules costs, I'm sure you'll complain about that as well.

I mean really, does this

I mean really, does this sound like a person that you want to make decisions for you child? She criticized the school system for giving the children free breakfast. The money doesn't come from her pocket. Although when school goes back to standard bell at least she will still have a roof over her head and food on her table and a way to pay her bills. She not going liking for nothing. Unfortunately, there will be 67 school bus drivers that will have lost their full time jobs, their health benefits, their retirement and their life insurance because of people like her. It is not like the money that was paying the drivers and paying the transportation department was coming from her pocket. It is coming from the State of North Carolina. Not the county school system and not the Brunswick Tax payers either. Like I said, it was coming from the State of NC, because the transportation department was 100 percent efficient. North Carolina took care of their people. The money that would have paid these people in standard school was being used to help pay for new teachers that were needed and other items that were needed. Catherine Cooke doesn't care about our children! Read the statement she made concerning tomorrow's future!
"We've got free breakfast for everybody in the world," she said. "Am I gonna be able to go to school and say, 'Can I have free breakfast too?' How many things... I mean are we just gonna give everybody everything? Why don't we just let them sleep here at school, too? We can feed 'em, educate 'em, give 'em dinner, let them sleep here! Just live at the school!" That my friends was a slur to the people and the children of Brunswick County! Get her of the Board of Education. Find people for the board that really care for our children and our future of tomorrow!

Brunswick County School Start Time

Brunswick County Schools should leave the start time staggered. The board forgets parents could possibly have children in more than one school. Also, consider the traffic when you have all of the schools releasing at the same time. There are parents that work and need an older child home when a younger child gets off of the bus. The final concern is the cost. Two tears ago, we sent to staggered to save money, now the board passes traditional and needs to find the money.

Start Times

You post as if the Brunswick County School Board actually cares what's best for the children. Based on Catherine Cooke's latest statements, it's clear how she feels about Brunswick County's Public School Children. Just because she is in a position to home educate her children (though after the ways she's made headlines the last few years, you have to wonder how much "educatin" they're gettin') she apparently sees the need to make sure that the majority of parents who send their children to public schools pay the price for her disdain of the public educational system. From the "secret emails" about President Obama's address to our schools, to the "Color Purple" fiasco, and now her comments showing her dislike of everything from scientific studies to low income children who depend on free breakfasts at school, she has proven that she IS NOT FIT to hold a Publicly elected position. This school board is a joke. Better qualified candidates must be found immediately and this herd of idiots voted out ASAP.

Someone needs to look into this whole fiasco

There are so many things going on in this school system that need to be looked into. The school system is paying for extra officers for the sherriff's office thanks to the staggered schedule - where is that money going to now? The board members say they didn't have all the information on the financial impact to change the start time again - then WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU MAKE A DECISION?!? We already have a mass exodus of teachers leaving Brunswick County, now you want to screw around with transportation too. They never could keep enough drivers before - how do they think they're going to find more now? Parents are annoyed, and yes some want to go back to the traditional schedule, but if you'd just leave it alone and let people adjust to it they will. If the school system has 1.7 million dollars to throw away (and that's just the first year) why don't they use that money to give the employees a raise since they haven't had one in years.

Glad someone is speaking out against Cooke

To: Guest000000

Couldn't have said it any better myself!