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Do you agree with the City of Wilmington spending $50,000-60,000 to light Kenan Fountain?

Kenan fountain lights

Can solar lights do the job??

Will it save $$ in the long run???

If it keeps the fountain from having to be repaired so often, seems like it would actually save the city money to light it better.

Wasteful Spending

It is amazing that all of these polls show at least 70% against wasteful spending but only approx. 10% show up to vote. If the citizens of Wilmington would put their vote where their opinion is.........these people (public self servants) would not be in a position to waste any more money. For those too busy, lazy, or just plain sorry to vote.....enjoy watching your money disappear. It will be interesting to see how much this really costs and how much the proposed park costs. Millions more wasted.......while pressing, needed projects are ignored.

Complainers never ever do

Complainers never ever do anything to make life better.

Why does the city have to

Why does the city have to pay for it,take some of the money from the insurance from people hitting it to light it up,most locals know it is there has been there for years people that can not drive should have to pay to fix it.

72% said No? You said "Yes"

72% said No?
You said "Yes" on Nov. 5th!
Enjoy :-)


Boy, The leader of this City and County don't know when to stop spending money. I think that they really think it grows on trees, but it's our tax dollar period.We have a man that think it fine to just give people extra money that has only been on the job one year. It is a shame that they hire people that don;t know the difference. Then they turn around and give him a $7,000.00 raise. Plus the City wants to spend 4 million on land for another park. I can see why our taxes are so high, All they do is spend, spend they all must have come down here from Washington, D. C.