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Do you agree with the 'Moral Monday' protests in Raleigh?

I beg to disagree with most

I beg to disagree with most of the comments on this topic. I have attended one Moral Monday and plan to be there at the Moral Monday on July 1st. I am retired and have an income. I worked over 50 years and paid my taxes. Most of the people that are attending Moral Mondays are retired or working people. Some people care enough about their fellow citizens that they will take time off from work or arrange their work schedule to attend because it is important to them. There have been many religious groups in attendance. My concern is for our state and the quality of life for all. What kind of person turns down much needed healthcare for it's citizens, those that are unemployed, working low wage people and the elderly. You are now paying for their illnesses through your high hospital rates because they cannot go to a doctor but use the ER. You pay more when you go to the hospital because you are subsidizing those that cannot afford a doctor's visit. Have you thought about Mr. Art Pope and his Rose's stores and just how much you are subsidizing him and his employees because he does not pay enough for his employees to live on. Just how many of his employees receive Food Stamps and other county benefits while he makes huge profits to be spent on political influences and in some cases against the very people he sells to and employs. What kind of Governor gives his own staff a raise and slashes unemployment? What goes around comes around and I do not foresee a second term for this Governor. With the new redistricting and Art Pope's money, 2012 went for the Republicans. 2014 is a new election and if they do not listen to the people of NC then they will not be re-elected as we are ready to fight back on injustice. So I will attend this Moral Monday and stand up for those who are vulnerable in our society. And it is not costing you a dime for my ride to Raleigh to protest what is happening.

Moral Monday Protests

I am a former classroom educator, and current home school educator. I heard one protester call classroom sizes over 15 pupils or without teacher aides "immoral". I found that rather hilarious. Tell that to the one-room schoolmarm who taught 20 pupils of varying grade levels each day in the 1800s. Some of those pupils went on to preside over higher level institutions. In my own experience, I taught up to 25 students in one classroom, some learning disabled, some gifted, without the assistance of an aide or even a grader. Surprisingly, they received a good education.

What is truly immoral, in my own opinion, is the politics behind education and the outrageous salaries we pay people who have never managed a classroom to manage our local schools. Much of the cash flow problem, in my opinion is that to much of it goes to the people in administration and too little is dedicated to the classroom. The protesters seem to want more perks without actual scholarly content. Teachers for years, and in many places around our country still today, accomplish great things without all the things the Moral Monday folks claim are "necessary".

Duke Speaks

Stupid people!!! Exercising their rights of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech to legally protest what they feel is an unjust act on the part of a duly elected representative legislature… If we let people just go around and question authority all willy-nilly we will soon find ourselves being naughty and not doing what we’re told. And to think this is what has come of the great experiment our Founding Fathers established when a group of people try to get representation out of their own elected officials… It’s just insanity. If this keeps up next thing you know women will want to vote…

That was sarcasm…

Of course I have no idea what these Moral Monday people are talking about and I don’t really care… I’m sure its silly jingoism and it ultimately won’t matter. I was not even paying attention before Sen. Thom Goolsby wrote his eloquent diatribe… But it IS their right and duty of every red blooded American to not only protest but challenge the government… Even if I have no idea what the hell they are talking about… So where is the problem here? Anybody?

T.W. Duke

Just go away

These people need to go away and stop wasting precious taxpayer dollars to act like the bafoons they worship. Get a life folks


The people who say they are against those who are publicly standing up in Raleigh for our rights have no idea of what the current legislature is doing to decimate our rights and what's good for the state. Sad


I have to work for a living.

Moral Monday

My old Grandpappy would have said "they cant be much to'em if they can take a bus ride instead of finding something to do that would put food on the table". Me I would love to take a bus ride to Raleigh and protest the amount of my hard earned money is being spent on those that have plenty of free time to do this, However I much rather spend time with my boys teaching them that there is no pride in living off of others sweat and tears.

Very true

We have too many people living off of taxes paid by people that actually work.

49 people support the

49 people support the freeloader movement.

So called Moral Monday

The actions by this group is proof positive that you don't give candy to a kid and quite a bit later, take it away from them. If so many people today didn't have to work to survive, maybe we could get several million to protest the policies of our so called president. Yes, I used small "P".

Moral Monday Protest

There is no free lumch. Someone has to pay the bill. Taxpayers are getting tired of paying everyones bills. It is getting to the point where there are more takers than givers. Thank God for Thom Goolsby and the other legislators who have the intestinal fortitude to say no.

Moral Monday

I guess we should just kick out the people that the State of NC elected to represent us and go back and just let the Democrats run our State into the ground. When did you see the Republican down in Raliegh protesting when the STUPID AND LIBERAL Democrats were in power. Keep in mind. YOU DON'T PAY, YOU DON'T PLAH. I am tired of supporting people that live off of the working class in this state and our country...