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Do you agree with the West Brunswick HS principal's decision to quit in protest?

78% (340 votes)
14% (62 votes)
Don't know/Don't care
8% (35 votes)
Total votes: 437


How is it these 18 students were allowed to break school policy? I understand they pasted by their grades but the other side of that is that they had the time to make up the lost days but chose not to. They should not have be allowed to walk with their class. Plain and simple!

Brunswick HS principle quits

They took his power by watering down his effective can he be now?

And how are we preparing them for college?

Speaking as an ex-WBHS teacher, I am thoroughly aware of the issues concerning education in this county. Teachers and educators are held to the highest and strictest standards in this state. It is their JOB to make sure ALL students are ready for a college career or entry level career when they graduate. Tell me how is this possible when the only ones taking responsibility are the teachers and administrators? It boggles the mind doesn't it?

I have two children who graduated from the Brunswick County School system. I always knew what was going on with them in school, even when I was working full time as a teacher and not getting home until 7 P.M. at night. These students were well aware of their missed days I am sure. I know the policy there, I was once one of those enforcing it.

Parents, may heed! Colleges have no patience for such antics. They DO enforce their policies about missed work and time out of class. No one will be held responsible but your child. You have just shortchanged them for not holding them responsible for their actions and fighting their battle for them. I can guarantee you that you will not be able to do that once they enter college.

You could not pay me enough to teach in this County again without significant change not only at the County level, but at the State level as well. Educators are their to educate, not raise your children! WAKE UP!

Brock Aarons

Great Principal....Hate to see him go...If he has no authority there will be no respect from students, parents or staff...He must do what is best for him.

I am a student at West

I am a student at West Brunswich High and I agree with my former principal's decision. I will be a senior in the fall and at West, the staff really enforces the attendance policy like they should. They do a lot to help the students with attendance problems that they really don't have to do because in the real world if you don't go to work you will be fired. They tell you in the very beginning that Attendance is mandatory. And it's not fair to the children that haven't missed anydays to the once that have because if that was the case there would be no point in having an attendance office. I personally think that our principal is doing the right thing. I am proberly the only student that does but I don't care what people think. If you miss too many days, you should pay the consequences. It's not like you didn't know the attendance policy because you did. It don't matter if you have your grades up, if you missed days, you missed days. The staff at West is just trying to help you learn sooner than later.

Brock Ahrens

My daughter is one of the students involved, and he wouldn't even take in consideration that she had made up her time with Saturday school, and after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is an honor student, never been in any trouble, but he wouldn't even check to see if she had made any type of effort. His mind was made up. I'm glad she gets to walk tomorrow.


Then if your daughter made up the work and days, why was she one of the 18 in question?