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Do you support exploring wind power off our coast?

windfarms off NC coast

Don't need them. There is enough hot air in D.C. to perpetually fill our energy needs. Who wants to go to the beach & see windmills?

Noise pollution

Where they have installed wind power the noise and Seismic problems has interrupted the eco system of all of the animals, fish and habitats including migratory birds. Do your research and you will find it will destroy the fisheries off of the North Carolina coast.

UNC Study

Actually, if you read UNC's 2009 report "Coastal Wind - Energy for North Carolina's Future", you will find that a lot of research and suitability analyses have been conducted that show a low level of conflict with avian and marine species in the areas that the BOEM has suggested for potential offshore wind developments. The report even suggests that certain marine habitats will benefit from the creation of offshore wind. I do agree with you though in that there will be negative effects, but the areas selected by the BOEM are the areas where those negative effects will be the least. In addition, you have to understand the consequences of not building offshore wind. If we stick to our traditional fossil fuel based energy market and build more coal and natural gas facilities, what are the effects on marine and avian species there regarding pollution, sea level rise, climate change, etc.? Also, if we do stick to traditional fossil fuels, you run the risk of increased oil and gas exploration and drilling in the Atlantic. What are the effects associated with that?

For a long term strategy, considering the alternatives, I think offshore wind is a great solution.

Wind Power - YES!

Line those wind turbines up from Currituck Sound to Frying Pan Shoals and let the four winds blow. Let'em blow, let'em blow.

clean jobs will bring wilmington into 21st century and beyond

Clean jobs are important to our current and future economy. If we continue to bring toxic companies to our area, we will become the black hole of the east coast and NO new jobs will come here. No future thinking company wants to send their staff (and their families) to a toxic environment. I know people are concerned about bringing new jobs to the area, but there is no reason we can't work on making those jobs the kind that don't harm us and our future in the process. If Wilmington wants to be a place that attracts new money, then we must start acting like that kind of city.

The time.....

The time for all of these dreams about 'clean jobs' is a generation or two away from now. Wake up. Stop talking and start doing.

What is your point?

are you referring to Titan?

Or are you referencing the proposed wind mills?

Was there even a point intended?


I agree with most of what you posted but this caught my eye:
" but there is no reason we can't work on making those jobs the kind that don't harm us and our future in the process"

So if environmental rules are relaxed as the GOP has proposed this makes Titan look less UN-friendly to the environment
Do we now allow them into our area?

What if the next big "opportunity" was an oil refinery? Do we pass or play? How about a new nuclear power plant?
Just where do we draw the line?
As far as energy goes - I believe that to be a national problem and possibly a security issue as well.
Because of that I feel the state should be encouraging oil exploration off the coast, and fracking, as well as pursuing wind power - ANYTHING - to make us less dependent on imported oil. No one thought there was oil off of the S Vietnam coastline but they discovered huge deposits of it. The only way we will find out if there's oil off of our coast is to explore for it. If not? Oh well just keep trying in another location.
Not all jobs are clean - but all jobs are needed.
Where do we want to be in this regard?