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Do you think Brian Berger should have been kicked off the New Hanover Co. Commission today?

The will of the people...

...circumvented by 3 people. So why isn't recall an option for the people of N.C.?

Brian Berger may have said some things that people don't agree with and acted strange as some people with autism do, but so have most of the politicians in local, state and federal offices. They just know how to lie, cheat and steal and make it sound politically correct.

The question, and the frustration

Since NC does not allow recalls of elected officials then we are stuck with what we elect. We, as voters, know this going into the booth.
The CC's, on the other hand, believe that the amotion process could work.
The problem is the lack of case law history regarding amotion, and the current lack of evidence making Berger guilty of ANYTHING that even resembles being eligible for the amotion process.
Given this lack of case law history and the lack of evidence as presented yesterday AND given that the CC is attempting to circumvent and usurp the voters authority - I cannot see how any Judge would rule in the CC's favor.
But, stranger things have happened I guess.
If this fails, as I believe it will - I will vote for anyone NOT on the current commission. IN other words, a complete turnover or removal of CURRENT commissioners.


I'm 100% with you...

...and will campaign all of the others I can to do the same.

witchhunt? more like apologists.

- made almost daily threats to staff,
- repeated slanderous claims of corruption and fraud starting since before he was elected without one single publicly detailed charge or followup - just regular libelous accusations,
- frequent run-ins with the law,
- late to majority of the meetings or doesn't show up at all,
- made false accusations of violence claims against the commissioners and staff
- accused former fellow commissioners of fraud and "extortion"
- been caught oddly going through the commissioners offices late at night after hours
- illegally marked most of his Commissioner emails as "private", "protected" or "confidential" in order to skirt the public disclosure laws that he himself ironically speaks about the need for more openness.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY wrote these words and distributed them to the Governor, staff and attendees of a national county legislators meeting:
"I am keenly aware that in the absence of intervention it is possible, if not likely, that its only a matter of time before someone gets seriously wounded or murdered,"

People here keep blaming Woody White of longstanding "witch hunt", but Berger's own "Manifesto" ( ) accuses Barfield, Tompson and Catlin, whereas White has only been a commissioner this past Spring and not part of Berger's troubled tenure but for a couple months.


Granted Mr. Berger has some problems, who don't. What makes you other commissioners Lord and Master over another to the point that you ridicule him in public, defame his character and generally disrespect the voting process. May I remind you other Commissioners that you were elected by the people and if the people do not want you, you will be voted out. That is the process and in my opinion you just violated my right to vote and gave away my say as to who I want to represent me. So guess what that same vote with a lot of others whom I will influence will be voting against your next re-election. This is one time when I agree with Barfield and I swear you will be remembered for this. I am sick and tired of the so called "elite" controlling this county and city. Your days are coming, beware, the common man will arise again.

Berger vote

What specifically did Berger do wrong? Can't vote unless I know the charges against him.

Brian Burger

The action of the commission is disgusting....who do they think they are ...God??? The answer should have been a vote of the people. If the all mighty Republicans did not vote straight tickets without knowing one thing about the candidates, then this would not have happened.

Brian Burger

On the question should he have been voted out today. My answer would be no, he should have been gone long ago, at least we finally got rid of that soap opera and incompetent commissioner.


Glad he is gone. Barfield is a chump. Berger's lawyer was painful to watch for a couple of hours; could barely articulate himself. I liked very much when Commish Wolfe stated that in a corporate setting (or anywhere else), he would have been gone a long time ago. Did I mention that I am so put off my Barfield? Simply campaigning. Ugh. It's bad for Dems. Really, really bad.

Our money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Hey Woody and the rest,
You all need to be concentrating on the county and its business. Why have you wasted our money and our time on this nonsense. Within 17 months Berger will be gone anyway. You have a lot more important things to be worried about besides Brian. You are the ones that have opened the door to this mislead person to begin with.

No one who has continued to

No one who has continued to show the type of behavior that Berger shows should be in public office. He is supposed to be representing us as a people. His history since he has been on the council speaks for itself. It is time to remove him and start focusing on the real issues. How can anything be done for the city when one of it's council members is either being arrested or causing public scenes at city meetings. Remove him and get to the real issues..

What do you mean, " of it's council members.."?

First of all, Brian Berger is a NH County Commissioner. This has nothing to do with the city of Wilmingtons "city council members" or the "city council", therefore Berger has no impact on the city or on any "public scenes at city meetings.". While Saffo and Berger may share resemblance, it's very easy to spot the fact that Berger doesn't use nearly as much hairspray as Saffo.

Does this change your perception of the problem and/or the solution? Just wanted you to have a little clarification before you posted too much more...

I'm all for getting Berger out, but.... has to be done by the rules. Right now the voters are the only "rules" that allow that to happen. Attempting to bend the "rules" to make happen what isn't supposed to happen is wrong.

The method of "Amotion" is a long stretch, desperate attempt by the other commish's just to get THEIR way. That's wrong too. It is also going to be a very expensive process for the taxpayers!

Brian Berger

He proved his self incompetent in his position for the city of wilmington. Its a waste of tax payers money. Get him out of there.

Not a Wilmington official

He's a New Hanover County Commissioner. And this should be left to the voters to decide.

He needs to go, but it

He needs to go, but it shouldn't be done in this manner. It should be up to the voters, not the commission.

It's not

that he should not be removed. The issue is the Commission does not have the authority to remove him. A Superior Court Judge makes the decision after all sides have been heard from

Re: It's not

And most importantly the Judge would decide if this process is applicable.