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Do you think Brunswick Co. should raise its sales tax .25 cents?

I don't think they should

I don't think they should raise taxes any more. Honestly, they should spend what they already have and collect more wisely. They certainly should not help fund beach communities. Look at all the money being wasted rebuilding the park on US17 in Winnabow. it was perfectly fine. Guess the politicians and contractors decided some taxpayer money needed to go into their pockets, as usual.

Sales tax vote

I am not expressing an opinion yet on the sales tax increase but am on the way it is being handled. Placing such an important question on a ballot in a primary election, which does not attract large numbers of voters, is wrong!! They are being sneaky and underhanded doing it this way just like the state amendment against gay marriage last year. They want to sneak it by. What they really need to do is educate county voters on how to vote in a Primary Election if you don't want to declare party affiliation. This is an intimidating election....and they know it!!! If they don't educate than I certainly hope the media does.


So... So let’s look at Brunswick County… A county with no real jobs or industry other than tourists, and serving the enormous retiree population, where 20% of its population lives below the poverty line, and the average family income is less than 30K a year. Brunswick County is already becoming a county that normal people cannot afford to live in. So it begs the question ; what’s this tax gonna pay for? Beaches I don’t get to visit? A legendary dysfunctional and corrupt law enforcement apparatus? A school board that wants to burn books... Please clear this up for me.

T.W. Duke

they going to raise them any

they going to raise them any way/ look at our sh--ty roads

The only fair way

If taxes must be raised, the sales tax increase is the only fair way to do it. Everyone pays their share. The poor don't pay as much because they spend less. The wealthy will pay more because they spend more and buy more expensive items. Illegals, drug dealers, unemployment benefit cheats, out of county/state visitors, people who do not pay property tax and all the others that evade taxes will pay the sales tax even if they buy a soda at the local convenience store.

.25% sales tax increase

What, another tax increase to support the beaches and beach re-nourishment????
That is all the residents of Brunswick County need is more taxes to support the beach communities when the beach towns and communities do not want anyone on the beaches except the property owners and tourist.

Seems to me if they want their beaches re-nourished, the beach communities can and should pay for it them selves rather than asking the county residents to help. Seems all the beach communities is to fatten their own chauffeurs at the expense of county residents.