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Do you think Brunswick County beaches need lifeguards?

George & Weather Reporting

OK, so I just caught the evening weather report George Elliot did. Good job. I actually think he does a better job as a weather man than being out on the street. You can tell he really has a handle on reporting the weather and a lot of knowledge about atmospheric conditions, hurricanes, etc. If he likes doing the neighborhood interviews, then I'd hate to have you pull him off something he enjoys. But, seriously, the guy is a really good weather man. He should consider getting back into it full-time, if he can find someone who needs a weather reporter.

I think our local beaches

I think our local beaches need lifeguards. And I agree our sheriff's dept. is a joke. They need to do an investigation, remember they all worked under Ronald Hewett did u really think it was all his fault. Open your eyes.

This is about "lifeguards", not the sheriffs dept.

We lost 4 souls on the Brunswick County beaches this summer. Their families went home missing one of their own. If you have an agenda over your local sheriffs dept., pursue that with your local DA. If you have evidence that will warrant an official investigation of your local sheriffs dept., present that evidence to your DA. If you are simply a pissed off individual with prior drug charges, prior DWIs, theft, domestic violence and/or if you are the parents of "children" that have those same convictions, then sit down and shut up!

That goes for the remainder of you whiney butts that want to drag your disdain for law enforcement into a conversation regarding the subject of "Ocean Rescue and Life Saving" to assist locals and tourists on our beaches.

Life Guards

Yes, they need lifeguards.....however this is not the MOST pressing issue. Brunswick County needs a NEW Sheriff's Dept. An investigation is in order for this department---too much corruption, too many lies, too many lives being ruined by this department. Right now, FIX the problems in the Sheriff's Department, deal with lifeguards later.

Ohio folk

They don't need lifeguards. What they need is people from Ohio and others who don't know how to swim in the ocean to stay out and quit putting others at risk.

I think all beaches that have large tourist influx need...

...lifeguards. We simply have too many people that are unaware of the day-to-day dangers of swimming in the ocean. Even experienced, local people make mistakes and use bad judgment.

Trim a bit off of your room tax and put some spotters out there! One life saved, one child, one mother, father, sister or brother is well worth it! As much as I've always loved the marine environment and have since I was 5 years old, I can't possibly imagine coming here for vacation and leaving with one less of my family or friends...