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Do you think a candidate for office should be appointed to fill the seat before an election?

Heck Yeah

Put somebody in. Anybody has to be better than the two-faced Redenbaugh. Heck. She will probably change sides like she did before. I would vote for Weird Al before I vote for her.

The Senate

has already announced a short session will be convened just after the General Election.

Failure to fill the seat means the District has no representation during said session. Topics to be addressed include the coal ash issue and medicaid reform.

One can understand why Democrats do not want the seat filled now.

Vacant seat

Thom Goolsby dropped the ball. He should have finished his term. This shucking of responsibility to try and give an edge to your possible successor is wrong. Woody White found out that being handed a seat does not guarantee victory............I seem to recall Julia Boseman defeated him under similar circumstances. Goolsby owed it to the voters to finish his term. The voters will decide his replacement and I do not think these political games will make a difference either way.


I agree with you.
To NOT finish an elected term seems to be a GOP trademark of late. WHy can't they be more like DEMs and NOT finish a term due to criminal probes or resignation due to scandals?


Whine when you want, whine when you will...

...but whine you will not, after taking your anti-depressant pill!

And you folk need them bad! You never know what may be going on in someone's personal life. There can be a host of issues to prevent a politician from fulfilling his term. Health, family, etc. But no. All of you naysayers want to accuse of a predestined agenda. Goolsby doesn't look so good.

It takes a skin thicker than a rhinoceros hide to be a politician, as proven by the trivial yet nasty comments that have come out of this forum alone and that's only a microscopic example of the real magnitude of putrid nastiness in this state. It's no wonder why politics has gotten to where it is.

It isn't always about a big conspiracy folks. Sometimes things happen to change the course of ones life and they deal with it in the best manner they can. The seat needs to be filled for the state, our laws and its people to have proper representation. What did you expect him to do? Endorse Redenbaugh? We all already know she stands waist-deep in well-aged, fermented horse sludge.

And Vog, I'm very surprised to see that you haven't thrown your favorite fetish statement concerning "the vaginal wand" in any of your rainbow-like, not-knowing-which-side-to-take posts.