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Do you think CFPUA should be able to force neighborhoods to hook up to its water system?

Funny thing is my friend

Funny thing is my friend lives in reigelwood.... they ran pipes to his house which was optional to hook up to... But he said they ran pipes for miles and miles and miles...but what was the price to hook up to it at the max $150 dollars for both.... wow something seems wrong here


I talked to my neighbors from one end of the road to the other... asked if anyone has had a failing septic tank etc.... Funny thing is no one has had a problem so if 60 homes out of 250 have had problems where are they at all on one street ??? wonder who is getting their pockets greased.... the CFPUA can buy my house ill move .......


The UTILITY itself can not force residents to sign on for its services or fine them for not complyimg.
This whole thing was approved by your county commissioners that apppointed CFPUA to execute the plan. Blame your county commioners on this issue.

please read this

Read this wow thats alot of sewage spills !!!!!!!

I can understand concern on

I can understand concern on this issue, the residents as well as CFPUA. The more homeowners that hook on the less everyone will pay. However, $10,000 seems quite excessive. When something that comes along could mean a great hardship or worse yet, losing ones home, this is not right. Some sort of plan needs to be set up so everyone can benefit but at a price they can afford. It is despicable that anyone would do this to their fellow human beings just because they legally can. A few years back (I know, things cost more now) I live in an area that got public water. The cost was only about 20% of what CFPUA is saying this project will cost each home. Something does not seem right here. I encourage all concerned to look under every rock for clues. See if any of the high ups in CFPUA are connected with the contractors that will be installing these services. Boys and girls, can you spell "kickback"?

this is crazy

I live in wrightsboro . Do they think i have 10,000 sitting around..HELL No. They might as well tell me its going to cost a million dollars.. either one is outrageous. I have a 7 year old to take care of. My girlfriend has two kids. we struggle just to buy school clothes. i have two vehicles with over 220,000 miles on them. I cant afford this crap. I just had my well redone and fixed. Just had my septice tank fixed. The only reason it messed up was when waste industries or waste managment came and pumped it 5 years ago they never pumped the poop side of the tank. they only pumped the water side of it. So when INMAN septic services came when i was having a problem he told me how they ripped me off. Now it works great no problems at all. Almost all the people that live on my street are on a fixed income they can't afford it. I know i can't. Not a chance in hell. Its hard enough just to pay your regular bills and i work six days a week. Iam not talking a loan out . to pay for this.

In response to pissed off - it's Waste Management!

Waste Industries is a reputable company in the area but unfortunately are often confused with Waste Management since their names are so similar. They (WI) do not do any Port-o-let or septic work, only residential, commercial and roll-off trash and recycle, so Waste Management had to be the ones that ripped you off, no doubt, which isn't surprising. Please people, KNOW there are two very different companies here with a very similar name!! Check it out and you'll find Waste Management is 99% of the time the ones people should be pointing their fingers at! Waste Industries started right here in NC, not Texas like Waste Management. Sorry, I hate for an innocent company to be blamed and reputation hurt by something they have nothing to do with. AS FOR the forced hook-up....FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!! That's an insane amount of money to pay for an insane bill every month! CFPUA is the most expensive water/sewer company I have EVER experienced!!!

This Mike McGill guy that is

This Mike McGill guy that is responding to posts sounds like the typical bureaucrat. He seems totally insensitive to the concerns of the citizens he is supposed to be SERVING.

Arrogance is a growing, significant problem in all areas of government. His comments and remarks surely indicate he falls in that category.

He seems to say in each comment that he or the CFPUA could care less if you are elderly or can't afford such an enormous, unexpected expense, just pay it anyway. Arrogant attitude.


I saw Mr. McGill comment that the average cost per home is 40,000.00
for the water,and sewer system. I just shuck my head, this is over spending and poor managing spending. For the past 12yrs I have seen
nothing but problems that goes on the News about New Hanover public utility management. This is why I will never move in New Hanover county the fear of dealing this type of issue. If they are charging 10,000.00 for a hook up and water is not in operation yet, why is other county only charging a discount rate of only 120.00 dollar or so for a Tap fee when water is not in operation yet.

Mike McGill you are

Mike McGill you are obviously one of the people that stands to profit form others demise, there is always 1 of your kind behind every do good public project, as stated below, the county took up bonds in the past had they not been misused this would not have been such a blow to the good honest, taxpaying property owners, now you have those folks in a nightmare, they do not have the money to fatten your wallet, and they do not have the money to move, sorta reminds me of another dilema, how's that HOPE AND CHANGE working out for yaw?

Heritage Park Water And Sewer Project

Just want to say I feel that the cost of Ten To Twelve Thousand Dollars is crazy. Maybe they make that kind of money down at C.F.P.U. but the rest of us dont. And if there is nothing wrong with your system why fix it? Myself I like being off the Grid And My home being self sufficent, for the money they want i could afford to redo my complete Well And Septic System,and no extra bills that i cant afford every other month. Another question, where is the county on this? why are homeowners paying for your project completely? Isnt that what county tax is for?I just think its wrong to force someone to do something that they dont need or want.This is America and In famous words DONT TRED ON ME!

I agree with you. I love my

I agree with you. I love my neighborhood but i could'nt afford this if i saved up for years. it is just insane my water taste fine just the way it is.

Heritage Park history

To the commentor,

The county is the reason why the project is being done. If they had not approved the project, CFPUA would not be constructing the sewer and water lines. Heritage Park is an area that has had the 2nd highest number of septic failures in New Hanover County. The soil and drainage in the area are bad for septic, making the situation a public health issue.

The cost of the project if charged its full cost is $30,000 to $40,000 per home. The county and CFPUA have made significant contributions toward the costs. Because of mandatory connection, those costs are manageable. If we did not have mandatory connection as your systems were constructed, you simply would not have central water and sewer.


I feel for the neighbors that are dealing with this issue.
$10,000.00 for county hook up fee on sewer and water system is to much that's more than average cost just to have your own system and top on that the county be will collecting monthly service fee.
This is what you call a blackmailing system that the county is doing.
I believed the neighbors will need to seek a attorney to fight this order from the county, and put a petition in and attend the board of commissioner meeting and address the issue.

"Forcing" customer to connect

I haven't able to see Sarah's piece yet but a statement must be made up front. Every single home, residence and business in the CIty of Wilmington and the area of New Hanover County we serve has been subject to a form of Mandatory Connection when they were built. It is the only way cities, counties and water and sewer authorities can pay for the systems we operate while spreading out costs among all customers so they are not charged a cost that is completely unaffordable.

Without Mandatory Connection, you simply wouldn't have central water and sewer services. They would be too costly for customers. The actual cost of the Heritage Park project - one deemed necessary by the county to replacing failing septic damaging the environment - is $30,000 to $40,000 per home. With Mandatory Connection, those costs are spread out and reduced to the 10k range detailed in the report.


CFPUA Hookups

Many years ago there was bond money set aside by the county back in the 1970's ( bond issue ) for the residences not within the city limits of Wilmington. That money was suspose to havve been set aside for this purpose for one day areas such as Kings Grant, Spring View, Brookfield,
Wrightsboro area etc and all areas that were in the county that havve not been annexed to get " county water sewer ". However, due to mis management of funds, that money was never used and looked over and kept for its purpose.
The county came along in Brookfield subdivision advised us we would have to pay for new water and sewer lines also. that was around year 2000. Each line cost 3000.oo to install not including the plumber to run line from sewer starts to the new hookup his cost and supplies were extra.
The county stated they would work out payment plans however I paid it at once. Before then the water bill was 14.00 every 2 months unlimited usage we did not even have any meters. Now average 85.00 every 2 months
We had no choice living in subdivision we were on community well system. If peple in Herritage park have teir own private wells,ad septic more power to them. maybe an Option thing. I know later I put down a well to water lawn. could not afford to using CFPUA - the company the City of Wilmington and New Hanover handed over ...



Your bill

If you live in the city of Wilmington, 40% of your bill has nothing to do with CFPUA. We are required to handle the billing services for trash and stormwater fees but unfortunately it is considered a CFPUA bill. Your bill is also bi-monthly, double the period of time for your electric bill.

Your base fees total $55 every two months plus consumption, or $27.50 per month plus consumption. Your electric bill is likely to be more when you apply these facts.

Your bill

If you live in the city of Wilmington, 40% of your bill has nothing to do with CFPUA. We are required to handle the billing services for trash and stormwater fees but unfortunately it is considered a CFPUA bill. Your bill is also bi-monthly, double the period of time for your electric bill.

Your base fees total $55 every two months plus consumption, or $27.50 per month plus consumption. Your electric bill is likely to be more when you apply these facts.

Every since cfpua was

Every since cfpua was formed, the quality of service has dropped dramatically. They have a monopoly on the sewer and water service, and their customer service is sadly lacking. The water quality is poor, the service stinks, and the cost is too high. I don't believe that cfpua should be allowed to force anyone else to buy in to their service

This post is simply filled with misinformation

I'll be short and sweet. We just received our fifth straight state award for the quality of our water. We are also about to announce that we have cut sewer spills by 44% since we were founded and the amount of sewage spilled by 75%. We have delivered on the reasons we were founded.

Sewer spills every other day

Sewer spills every other day iam reading on the news sewer spill hewleets creek, sewer spill only 12,000 gallons of raw seweage. its always on the news .

No it isn't

The quality of service has dropped, you do have a monopoly on sewer and water and your customer service is lacking.


I have a unique idea. If CFPUA is going to FORCE people in neighborhoods to hook to their water/sewer and then charge them $10,000+ to hook up, then let's charge people moving to New Hanover County with school age children the cost of building/upgrading schools to accommodate the increased enrollment!

Forced to pay

Is CFPUA management insane?? Have they been the Heritage Park neighborhood? My 81 year old parents live near there and they are terrified this is going to happen to them also. They can't afford that huge bill on their income. The people out there are middle class and average income. Many are retired. Those folks don't have that kind of money. So what will the county do? Put them out of their homes. It should be against the law to hold citizens hostage while the county shakes them down. This is a crime and should be illegal.

Mandatory Connection

CFPUA staff has met with the community on multiple occasions and answered questions from residents for more than two hours just last week. The reason the sewer project is being done is because of the environmental issues in the area. If the county had not voted for the project, CFPUA would not be constructing the lines.

These lines have costs that have to be paid. The average sewer line costs $1.25 million to install; the average water line a little over a million. If mandatory connection did not take place across the nation, cities and counties would not have central water and sewer services. They could not afford to operate them, their residents could not afford them and their businesses could not operate. Mandatory connection spreads out the costs, similar in the way schools are paid for. The cost per home for this project is actually close to $40,000. With mandatory connection, it is in the 10-12k range.

One final note, every single home or business has been subject to a form of mandatory connection over the years. It may not have been called it but every home or business within a set to the water and sewer lines has had to connect. If not, you wouldn't have central water and sewer and Wilmington would be a far different place.


Ever since CFPUA has taken over utility services years ago, there has been problem after problem. If the public has not seen it yet in the rest of their daily life, this is what happens when Government - whether Federal, State or Local has control, YOU PAY!! All costs are passed onto the consumer and since many of you voted for these individuals running the company, this is what your people at work are doing for you. I am against this and I hope on the local level the residents will pay attention to what is going on in their backyard and in this Country. This is a good example of how Government takes control of EVERYTHING and wants to control our life - whether monetary or otherwise.

Absolutely not, this is America

And if a household wants to have an alternative to city water/sewage that's their right. It's not fair to force these people on fixed incomes to pay to a utility when they've gone years with out them just because there are new neighborhoods being built.

Absolutely not, this is America

And if a household wants to have an alternative to city water/sewage that's their right. It's not fair to force these people on fixed incomes to pay to a utility when they've gone years with out them just because there are new neighborhoods being built.

This is not a new neighborhood issue at all

The Heritage Park project has been considered for years, long before CFPUA was created, because the community is second in the county for septic failures, leading to significant environmental issues. The soil and drainage conditions are bad for septic as well, requiring the installation of sewer lines. The community has wanted this project for years; the person at the start of the story is a relatively new resident and not indicative of the opinion of the residents. That is NOT to say they are not upset over the costs. They had an expectation that they would be lower, in part because water was not initially part of the project.