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Do you think charter schools should have to be transparent and show how they spend tax dollars?

Charter school witch hunt!

Charter Day School and the RBA organization have proven for over 15 years to be teaching our children at a higher standard and test scores prove it (as compared to public schools in the area). If charter schools were so bad, why is there a waiting list for people wanting to get their children into the schools? Also, why are people so excited when they get the call that they have "Made it in". Obviously our public school systems are failing and yet, as news media (WWAY and Star News), you have made it obvious that you are on a witch hunt to prove these schools as "trouble" and to wipe them off the face of this earth. Ridiculous reporting at its best! Seriously - why are you not providing stories, almost on a daily basis, about our failing public schools. As taxpayers, we care about how the money is spent but we care more about the education of our children and future generations - if you, as news media, are so worried about all of this, why don't you just leave charter schools, RBA and Charter Day School in particular, ALONE and start looking into the failure of our public schools. Or, vice versa, do some POSITIVE reporting on this organization and see what they do that "makes it work". Why do you always have to have a negative view on these stories? If public schools were teaching to standards and not so behind in the times, people wouldn't be flocking to get into charter schools. Part of this issue lies in that teachers at charter schools are held responsible for their classrooms and teaching. If they fail, our students fail. So, if a teacher wants to stay, they work hard as well as making our children work hard. Nothing is wrong with that! If a teacher is unhappy and wants to make more money, then they have the ability to gain it themselves. We, as a society, have become lazy and have the attitude of letting someone else deal with our children. That doesn't happen at charter schools. Parents are held just as accountable as the teachers and the students they teach. There is no one to hang. The one thing we should be doing is congratulating Mr. Baker for his hard work and dedication into these charter schools. He had the foresight and dedication to instill education and respect into our children and to understand that we are teaching our future leaders! Come one WWAY! Move on and get over it already!

Witch Hunt

The Witch Hunt continues with WWAY and RBA. What does it matter what anyone is paid at the Charter Schools? The Charter Schools receive money through a contact to teach and educate the kids that goes there. In looking at the test school the Charter Schools do a great job compared to the local schools that receive a lot more money.

So, I don't really see why the Witch Hunt continues. WWAY can you show any other business that has a "contact" with the state that is required to show their employee's salary?

RBA, keep up the great work. Local School Boards stop wasting our money. If you would stop complaining about the Charter Schools and maybe look and listen, you might do a better job with the money you are now wasting.

Loaded Irresponsible Poll Question

That is a loaded question. Certainly schools should be transparent in how they spend tax dollars. And that is such a weak question for a journalist because no one will say no to that. The very question is insulting to the reader. It shows you have an agenda to shed negative light on charter schools which purpose to be operated like a private business in which employee salaries are shielded from public view in order to implement creative and motivating methods of compensation and merit bonuses and raises. Charter Day School has been transparent in publishing results, and they far exceed local, traditional public schools. Teachers are excellent, and my daughter academically excels under teaching motivated by a competitive academic environment.

Charter school Witch Hunt

Why don't we ask about the test scores and how much tax dollars are spent at a charter school to get those test scores versus the tax dollars spent at a public school to get their test scores

Charter School Witch Hunt

When will WWAY ask to see all of local public school teacher's pay? Then there will be transparency! Why are we always asking questions about charter schools when they teach our children better with better education with better test scores and lower-cost to the tax payer. Let's do a story on cost of Education of Charter School (that do not pay into teaching union) vs. Public school ( where the teacher's union is pushing this)!

Get an education before you comment

It's not necessary to ask public school teacher salaries because they are already available to the public. Anyone can look up that information online by the teacher's name. If my tax dollars are going to charter schools, I should be able to see how they are spent. Just like I already can with public schools. Why would charter school employees be entitled to any more privacy than other state employees?


Results are all that matter.
If, at the end of the year the Charter school students pass on a higher percentage, our tax dollars were spent well.
We already know public schools don't produce.
We have heard the stories of months just preparing for the end of grade test alone.
At the end of the year, the charter schools succeed, that's all we need to know.
Public schools today are ghettos with alphabet signs.

Of course it helps when Charter schools can cherry pick students

Test scores are down? You're a charter school?

No Problem, kick the low scoring darlings back to the public system and declare victory.

Plus as a Charter school you get lots of other perks, you get a full educational allotment without requirements to provide the same services at public schools likes lunches, sports, transportation.... that's profit!


I really love the people that think they know something. You need to lookup the facts before you open your mouth.

Charter Schools do not get money for lunch, transportation, sports or building. The county school system that the kid lives in get the money for that and the kid doesn't even go to county school. Charter school has to pay for the buildings out of the money they get to education the kids. Not like public school that gets money for education and money for building.

As far as sports go, money for this should come out of the kids parents pocket. If a kid wants to play ball let them pay for it and not the tax payers. Look at all the money that is wasted by the school system on a few people to play sports. This money could be better used for education

Please read up on things before you post. It makes you look stupid.


Yes - because the money is taxpayer's money, we should know what is going on. The fact that they don't want to reveal how it is used, shows me that they are hiding something


Anne, then should we not see the salaries of employee's of every business that has a contact with the state?

This would mean a lot of business would have to open up and show everyone salary. Like the guy who is holding the stop sign on the side of the road at the construction site, not sure who you work for but your salary might need to be posted also.

RBA employees do not work for the state of NC or the local government, they work for RBA. RBA has a contact with the state to educate the kids that go to their schools.

Charter school

All it matters to me with my tax dollars is who's getting a better education for less money charter school versus public school

Charter school Witch Hunt

I don't have a problem for them asking for their salaries as long as You ask public school teachers what they get paid ,and we get that posted in the newspaper or on WWAY! The main issue is , that public schools are losing dollars to charter schools. The charter schools are using less money for better education