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Do you think Chief Ralph Evangelous should quit after recent incidents involving WPD and use of force?

The Officer who put a

The Officer who put a trained attack dog through the window of a surrendering perpetrator should be fired and if Evangelous does not come to that conclusion on his own he should go with him. We should be able to do better than that as Americans and as a community.

police commision

Wilmington needs a police commission made up of people from all walks of society. NOT POLITICIANS to oversee the police department.

enough is enough

I really believe that some of the officers are taking this gang business to far, by using aggressive force on anyone that comes in their path. If you look like or dress a certain way they assume. So it's like everybody got to suffer because of where or how they live. I have family members on the force and I think they (the officers) are doing a good job but some are taking things overboard, what if it was one of their family members. But God will have the final say, they have to account for their actions.


I see a surge of violence and crime overall.
The Police have responded in kind.

This has lead to MORE than our fair share of SBI investigations - and DA David appearing on TV saying "the Police have been cleared.........."

Gang crime has increased.

On the whole the Police have failed to get on top of crime here lately. The more we complain here about thugs, and the more we defend the Police in shootings the more we justify these so called activists. Wilmington's population is still 73.5% white according to the 2010 census yet MOST arrests for violent crime seem to be men or women of color - but I make no judgement on this - convictions seem to prove these arrests are justified.
So we are in a Catch-22. Crime is up violent crime is up and typically the top cop gets blamed, yet now we defend him......
Strange indeed.


Chief Evangelous not firing officers who let dog attack

I am outraged that the officers who put that dog into that car window so that it could attack the driver WERE NOT FIRED at once. The driver had his hands in the air and was not offering ANY RESISTANCE ...NONE! When the chief of police allows his officers to brutalize the citizens of this city of is time for the chief to go...and let's get a chief that WILL FIRE officers who mistreat citizens, who beat citizens, and who sic dogs on citizens.
Absolutely unacceptable...this is not NAZI GERMANY for Pete's sake!!!!
And that issue needs to be revisited so that those officers who participated in this lapse of justice and brutality (beating in the passenger window with a nightstick and letting the dog attack on the driver's side)does NOT GO UNPUNISHED. THEY SHOULD NOT GET OFF SCOTT FREE...THEY ARE AN ABOMINATION...THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO BE POLICE OFFICERS!!!!! FIRE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That driver should get a lawyer and sue the chief and those officers for all that they are worth. They have to learn that they CAN'T GET AWAY WITH THIS TYPE OF BRUTALITY...NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Are you kidding me! The

Are you kidding me! The Chief should get a raise for putting up with so much crap. What ever happen to neighborhoods taking care of there own. Going out in the streets and policing it themselves. Helping out a neighbors that need help. What ever happen to people seeking out advice or help from the churches in the neighborhood. Its time to quit blaming and start working. If your going to blame someone start with yourselves! The Dude!

Chief Evangelous

Our Chief Evangelous and his staff have worked very hard to keep drugs off the streets and keep gangs at bay. The citizens of Wilmington should back these brave folks and be happy that these men and women are out there risking their lives to keep us safe. Chief Evangelous and Sheriff McMahon have worked well together to make Wilmington and New Hanover County a great and safe place to live. Thank you to all officers.

He should absolutely NOT

He should absolutely NOT resign as chief if police. He has done a fantastic job in curbing crime in this city.
Law abiding citizens do not experience the types of police actions that are drawing criticism.

If the "community Leaders"

If the "community Leaders" would worry more about getting these thugs off the streets instead of acting like the peacocks they want to be wilmington would be much safer.. where do their interests really lie?




Nina..people would take your comments more seriously if they weren't 1) a complete grammatical nightmare and 2) completely tainted with the racism you bemoan. It's not a black/white thing. It's a black on black violence thing. Black people, not all...but a lot, shackle themselves with the whole "whitey hates blacks" notion. The man isn't out to keep y'all down. Your culture and perceived injustices keep y'all down. Get with the times.


You and your way of thinking and your clear lack of intelligence Is what's wrong with this country!!! feel free to go jump off a bridge

I can't believe that WWAY

I can't believe that WWAY would give credibility to these two nuts by publishing this report. The reason Wilmington has been experiencing all of the violence in recent months is due to the chief's successful performance in removing the leadership of the gangs which plague our city. He should get a raise not resign.

chief takes no actionsas

I emailed him many times when i lived in long leaf park and reported drug activity with no resultshe always refered me to vice which did nothing and did not work on the weekends when most drug activity takes place

Not only NO, but...

...HELL NO he shouldn't quit! Our housing projects are filled with criminal activity, especially drugs. But let's not drug test them to keep their free stuff! The chief has a tough job in a tough area. Having 2 bozo's like these twerps with chips on their shoulders to demand a resignation is nothing less than laughable!

Warren has been a joke for years and they simply had to kick his butt to the curb because of his racist attitude. It's people like this that refuse to face up to the real problems that perpetuate the very thing they say they're fighting against...RACISM!

Perhaps a statistical inquiry regarding excessive force

It would be of relevance to this question (resignation) for some organization to obtain from the jail the numbers of persons arrested by WPD who required stitches and/or further medical attention. Simply take the numbers of those arrested by other law enforcement agencies here and compare on a percentage basis those who were arrested by WPD who arrived at the jail with injuries. Further analysis would include the types of crimes for which the alleged offender was apprehended but this would indicate if WPD is administrating some punishment on the street. If the numbers show excessive force is the status quo then the chief should exit.

WPD too much force?

I guess it was okay that someone shoots at WPD? It is okay that they run from WPD? It is okay they shoot a food delivery person? I guess it is okay they hold up people with guns? It is okay they shoot a student walking in a parking lot? How about the NAACP getting off their dead butts and start addressing the real problems, instead of ALWAYS blaming others?

The Chief

What do these people want?? Maybe Berger can do a better job for them!!

the chief

the chief has done a great job. no black murder has had cooperation from the bunch that complains. naacp is a bunch of shake down artists and it is wearing thing.

Police Chief resignation..

"Local leaders" ??? Palleezzee!! Who designated these people local leaders" What do they lead? Do they speak for the majority of citizens in Wilmington? NO!!! 90% of Wilmingtonians have never even Heard of these "leaders"! Chief Evangelous is doing a good job. Let's Keep him!!



Police Chief resignation..

Agree completely: "Who designated these people local leaders" What do they lead? Do they speak for the majority of citizens in Wilmington? NO!!! 90% of Wilmingtonians have never even Heard of these "leaders"! Chief Evangelous is doing a good job. Let's Keep him!!"

Not because of that

He shouldn't resign because of the recent use of force incidents, he should resign because he has turned a blind eye to corrupt officers in leadership positions. Documented cases have been presented to him showing corruption, dereliction of duty and clear cut policy violations but he won't do anything about it.

He has discovered it is easier for him to turn a blind eye instead of standing up to the rotten apples. The names I could name along with incidents they have done. I won't because this wouldn't get posted if I did.

Well Guesty

as a good citizen, why don't you take all of your first hand, verifiable information and list of names to the District Attorney? Or, head up I-40 to Raleigh and visit the SBI?

If you've got the scoop, and not second hand hearsay gossip, be a good citizen and do the right thing.

Guesty, everyone will be looking for you to do your citizen type duty.


The issues mainly consist of policy violations and a few criminal acts. A former sergeant was clocking in but not working so that could go either as theft by employee or embezzlement. A current lieutenant could have been charged years ago when she was an officer with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and property damage but she wasn't. Years later she allegedly stabbed her husband. She claimed he surprised her.


are you certain he was even in Wilmington when these incidents transpired? In at least 1, you indicate years ago and then years later.

Be certain he was even on the force before you make open allegations.

100% on one SCT

The sergeant with the time clock issue happened in 2012 and he was only demoted to corporal, no criminal charge. The current lieutenant was a street officer in 1990 when she committed her first crime of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and property damage. It was then a few years later she allegedly stabbed her husband. She has not only been allowed to stay in the department but over the years promoted to lieutenant. Fortunately she is no longer involved in the hiring at the department.

100% positive chief was here for the sergeants issue, not for the stunts the woman pulled back in the 90's, but she hasn't stopped.

She recently setup a interview panel for a friend of hers and the panel found out he lied by omission of fact. They recommended him as "Do not hire." She didn't like that so she setup a second interview panel without telling any of those officers that the candidate had already been disqualified. He passed the second panel interview. When the officers on the second panel found out what she had done, they informed the chief. He didn't do anything.

She recently told an officer he was too old to attend sniper training, and that is age discrimination.

Do tell...

go ahead and post it if you're not just blowing smoke. If you had a real story to tell why wouldn't you contact the media directly and make your allegations known. You sound like that nutcase Brian Burger.

Won't ever make it

WWAY won't post it. I have contacted them directly and they have contacted the department and the department hides behind the cover all of "This is a personnel issue and we can't disclose anything."

Read these comments and do the google search.


Chief Evangelous is doing a great job. All I incidences have been investigated by his department and he is well liked.