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Do you think concealed handgun permit holders should be allowed to have a gun in restaurants that serve alcohol?

Guns in Bars

You may be able to carry a concealed handgun but the law states You can not drink. That is the law in a bar and out. I would never drink if I am carrying a weapon. First if I need it to defend myself would I be able to us it? NO. If you check you will find that most places that are robbed are Gun Free Zones. Bad guys know if I rob this place no one is there to stop me. All the mass shooting have taken place in Gun Free Zones. Most of the gas stations that are robbed have No Guns Allowed signs.


I always carry.

So set the facts straight

If you go into a restaurant - have a couple.
Get stopped for DWI
Do you lose your ability to OWN a gun?
Go ahead - quote the law for BOTH ownership and conceal carry

To set the facts straight.

Carrying a concealed weapon in restaurants that serves alcohol doe NOT allow the carrier to drink. One primary rule of holding the CCP is that you cannot drink while carrying.

CCP holders are responsible individuals that do not possess criminal records (including DWI's) or any history of mental illness as verified through an extensive background check.

Yes, as long as the permit

Yes, as long as the permit holder is not drinking any alcoholic beverages. NONE.

You do know that they will

You do know that they will not be allowed to actually consume alcohol, don't you?

You do know that a concealed carry permit holder cannot have ANY alcohol in their system while carrying?I am here