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Do you think Congress should give the president authority to use force in Syria?

If a country is using

If a country is using chemical warfare anywhere, they need to be stopped. If they will use it on their own people, they won;t think twice about using it in the US


This is not about some future incident, it is about the current condition in Syria. The President has not made a case for why Syria is a direct threat to the U.S. while being involved in its civil war. So, if we attack Syria, we are in fact initiating an act of war ourselves.

Nice to see

Nice to see one person on here is thinking. Do people not understand that if they dont take him out that they may use that force again on their people or us???? Come on people think about this... this man needs to be taken out.

Taken Out

I agree the "man needs to be taken out." But.....that is not what a "limited strike(s)" will do. He has been warned, and when you drop bombs from the sky, more innocent people will die. Either from the bombs we drop or from more strikes from their leader. Unnecessary death is unnecessary death, whether it is from a bullet, bomb, or gas. If the world (not just the United States) wants to send the message that chemical weapons will not be tolerated.........then kill the leader that authorized their use. Hunt down and kill the members of the military that followed these orders. Anything else is sabre rattling that does nothing but give the illusion of doing something constructive. The family members of the innocents that will die from these "limited strikes" will not believe this was the correct course of action.

Taking the man out is Ok,

Taking the man out is Ok, but that's not what they are talking about, do you think for 1 minute the man is just hanging around after weeks of the US warning him they are going to launch missles??? Only a left winger would be that simple minded, what we are going to do is blow up a lot of innocent civilians, men, women, and kid's that have nothing to do with the gassing, while the real guilty people,(which we have yet to identify) sit back and laugh. We need to take action, identify the guilty , locate them, and one shot, one kill, adios!

I sure hope someone makes

I sure hope someone makes McIntyre aware how this poll is going, this country is war weary, we do not want to start another one with Syria or anybody else, this is no time to go off half cocked!

How About...

How about we use faulty intelligence, tell everyone that Syria has WMD's, launch a full scale invasion, declare "Mission Accomplished" two weeks in, then hang around for ten more years while the casualties rack up. Everyone seemed to agree with that strategy.

I fail to understand why the

I fail to understand why the United States thinks it has to be the world police and jump into the affairs of other countries. I say stay out of it.

sticking nose in syria

Well said. Looks like we would have learned from North Korea, Vietnam, and these numerous other countries we try to run. Most of the world population hates Americans.

My folks taught me early on to keep my nose out of others' business. We also need to cut off all aid to the "rest of the world" and take care of business here first.

we need the rest of the world

If the USA could live more like the rest of the world, MAYBE we would not be 'giving aid' to countries that have resources that we need. In other words, the most aid goes to countries with the most valuable resources in their soil. And, usually when we give 'aid' it must be used to purchase American products.
I cannot believe that we have not learned anything as we watch the results of war in those returning from it and the reaction of the countries that we try to 'save.' Rather I believe that a country which does not value education produces people who can be easily influenced by those who profit from war. Follow the money.