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Do you think Congress should return their paychecks for the 16 days the government was shutdown?

funeral of Capt. David Heath

Are the firefighters that participated or attended the funeral of Capt. David Heath paid or given comp time off.

returning paychecks

What's the point of shutting down the government if the expenses are going to continue?


A lot of things could have been avoided had the congress READ the affordable care act, before passing it. And I'm not sure it would have ever passed had the people actually voted on it. The shutdown also was not the disaster everyone claimed it would be either! Sometimes though it takes something drastic to draw peoples attention to the fact that we are headed for ruin with this debt about to go 17 TRILLION dollars. There will be no future for our children if something is not done. It may be too late.

Congress Returning Their Checks?

To be fair, we need to ask the same question of the Senate and our President.

Senate and President Should not be paid

Yes, the President and Senate should not be paid for the time that the Government was shut down. The shut down cost taxpayers more than the pay of Senators and the President, his Cabinet, staff and advisers; however, they should all have their pay docked for the time the government was shut down. They were NOT doing their jobs. It's way past time for our elected representatives to start doing their jobs. They need to learn to compromise. They need to start thinking about what is best for the country as a whole. I think we need term limits for representatives and senators. That goes for their staffs as well. The staffs are the ones actually writing the laws. Our elected congress people just rubber stamp what the staffs propose. It's time to clean house!

Don't blame the GOP. They

Don't blame the GOP. They are trying to represent the working class people and businesses in stopping that DUMBA$$ Obama and his Obamacare. We need Harry, Nancy, and the Muslim idiot out of office.

Yeah...They're representing us all right...

If by representing us you mean screwing us every chance they get and then getting you to vote for them by taking a stand on pointless moral and social issues like gay marriage and a woman's right to choose, scaring you into thinking that someone's "after your guns" or convincing you that there is a massive war on Christianity. In the meantime while we're distracted by all that crap, they fight to keep our wages as low as possible, make sure that big oil and energy interests continue to line their pockets not just with our hard earned wages but also our tax dollars, push for deregulation so that the air we breathe is as dirty as possible. Oh, and that global warming stuff? That's just some made up liberal idea to sell you an electric car. If that's what you call "representing the working class" I believe I'll pass.

Yeah CCREs you for sure got

Yeah CCREs you for sure got that right! We need to repeal Medicare. These old folks have failed to save enough to buy insurance, so, why should current working people need to provide for their care now?

The President's religious affiliation has been vetted hundreds of times and he is not a Muslim. I wish for the same level of proof that it's not YOU who are the idiot, though.

People just don't get it

Most people just don't get it. You can blame whoever you want to, but something has to be done.

I have a credit card I maxed out. No problem, I will just ask for a higher limit. In a couple of months when I hit that limit and will just ask for a higher limit.

People, wakeup..... We have to pay that debit on way..

So, what is wrong with one of the parties asking the other to reduce spending?

Again, you just don't get it.

Get it

They were just allocating money already spent. Everybody but tea-baggers understands that.


If you believe that you are part of the problem. By the way, I am a democratic voter, but I believe it is time to stop the give aways and spending for things we don't need. If I was Obama, my first step would be stop all foreign aid. If they want help give them a voucher to buy America products.

New Survey Question

A better survey question is if the tea party congress people, Koch Brothers, and Pacs should repay the billions of dollars that the shutdown costs .

tea party seriously?

Why do you think there is a tea party do you think that some folks do not want to foot the bills for an overgrown bloated government that we now have irrefutable proof of monitoring and manipulating just about every aspect of our life.
Just look at what the shutdown taught us 8000000 government workers are non essential how many non-essential workers work for your company.
I am not saying not to bring any of them back just if they are not needed why do they work there? and please remember we are paying for this with actual real money that they take from our taxes or borrow from china.
the shut down was a manufactured crisis to take your eye off of our failed policies in the middle east and the revelations about the NSA,the IRS,and the rest of the crap this admin has pulled.
The Democrats had the votes and they knew it all along the republicans that finally caved on this bill due to reacting to the panic that was promulgated by the Admin will take a hit in the next election cycle it was all a political ploy to try and gain control of the house of reps in 2014 then the dems will have two last years of the obama presidency similar to the first two when they passed everything they wanted and said screw you to the rest of the country you know passing legislation before you read it is a bad Idea

So you're saying...

...that this was all some liberal conspiracy? You really ought to lay off the Fox News for a while and get a dose of reality. This shutdown was strictly on the shoulders of the Repubicans who were upset that despite over 40 efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, it is still the law of the land. Voted on and passed by both houses of congress, signed into law by the POTUS, validated by the landslide loss of a Repubican Presidential candidate who ran on a platform of its repeal (not just in the electoral college, but by over 5 million popular votes), and then ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court. That's ALL THREE BRANCHES! When you don't like a law, you get the votes to change or eliminate it. You don't bring your country to the brink of economic disaster. Or here's an idea, TRY WINNING AN ELECTION! What a bunch of pathetic crybabies. No wonder the Repubicans' poll numbers are lower than ever.

so should Obama

so should Obama

What!!! Why the "King" will

What!!! Why the "King" will never do anything like that. How dare
anyone ask the "King" to give up anything, including his monthly

The GOP salaries should be garnished...

..until the 24 billion in lost GDP this country suffered over their failed political stunt is repaid!

You can't cure STUPID

First I want someone to explain to me how it was the GOP's fault. They sent Bill after Bill to the Senate and each one was turned down. The President said time after time that it would be his way or no way. So now the side that was willing to do something and offered time and again to negotiate is at fault. After it was all over the best the so called leader of the Free World can do is make a speech scolding the bad kids in the kindergarten class. Once again Obama showed his true colors, he is an arrogant spoiled school yard bully.

GOP is has nothing to be proud of ether. All they amount to is the minor league team for the DNC. We are a two party system in name only.


Time to clean house, and the house! They all ought to serve without pay, have term limits and go get a job like the rest of us!

Why should they? They worked

Why should they? They worked very long hours during the shut down. Many government workers sat at home and got drunk every night, and they're getting paid for it.

Congress "worked" for

Congress "worked" for sure... they "worked" to protect themselves first and their partisan interests.