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Do you think Flip's Bar-B-Que should have had to take down its sign?

only the people running

only the people running Wilmington would enact adn ordanance adn then retro apply it to a land mark that was up before several of them were born. well folks...ya get what ya vote for, or in alot of their cases, fail to vote for since so many here dont vote.

flips sign

I don't think they should have had to remove the sign!
The sign was there BEFORE the stinking ordinance!!!


Maybe we should get rid of our mayor and all of the city officials.It seems they know better, understand better, and I believe they think they own most of the city. I can't for the life of me understand why people from other areas move in here and immediately start "improving" the city some of us have grown up in. We need to help our local business stay and bring business in that will compliment the city and make jobs for our native residents and their children and grandchildren. You can not have an historic city with tourist trade if everything historic is torn down. You make it so hard for older business to stay afloat. Let's try to make this place look like Raleigh or Charlotte, or heck NEW YORK CITY!!!!

Another piece of history

Another piece of history bites the dust. Pretty soon, there won't be anything to attract tourist to the area. Just another place on the map, if it even makes it that far.


Why is it historic? Cause it looks like it's from the 50s? So do I, but I just call that old. IT'S JUST A SIGN! It's not dead! If you want to see it, go inside. I'm sure they'll show it to you! Hey - they might even get more business if the sign is inside. Then people would actually stop there to see the famous historic sign and might even get something to eat. That sign sure didn't bring in much business of late.

Flip.s Sign

Whatever happened to "We the people"? I hope he puts the sign back

this action by city council

this action by city council is disgraceful. They issue variances EVERY DAY for developers, buildings, fences, potential stadiums, etc. in this town yet won't budge on this single, landmark, historic, attractive signage.
I'm disgusted and embarrassed. So instead we have an Oleander Road and Market Street that look like crap with the horrible looking buildings and signs that comply with the zoning. Flips was there before it was city of wilmington. Grandfathering is meant for cases like this.
This town gets uglier every single year yet an attractive historic landmark sign must go. I'm flabbergasted.

The Idiots are still at it

I can not figure what is the matter with our elected leaders. Of course, I can figure out what Brian Berger needs.

He needs serious mental help.

That being said: it seems that most of council should line up behind him at the clinic.

We did not want a taxpayer funded ballpark: We are going to get one unless you all show up and vote against it.

We did not want a sign ordinance. The posters and signs in downtown are informative. I am downtown every day and have not heard any complaints- except from council.
Cutting down an historic sign at the barbecue place borders on insanity
Of course, nobody ever suggested that our council members have a grip on sanity.

And things like this is why

And things like this is why I will never live anywhere near Wilmington or New Hanover County.

There is such a thing as "grandfathering", but sometimes the Government just has to have their way, or they throw a temper tantrum and start issuing "fines"...basically on the spot taxes.