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Do you think Gov. McCrory's connections to Duke Energy are a problem?

All I can say is.... sure doesn't look good! That stock sale deal appears as fishy as deadlocked pond full of menhaden... >)))))'>

Conflict of Interest

It is a conflict of interest for the governor to have any business interest in Duke Power. Any shares of stock should have been put in a blind trust before he took office. But, this governor has shown us he cares nothing for rules like that. He does as he pleases or changes the rules to benefit his cronies. This man has done nothing to benefit North Carolina since he took office. Because he chose not to expand Medicaid, over 500,000 are without healthcare. His administration has decimated our public school system. We were once the state known for achievement in education and first in the nation in nationally board certified teachers. Now, we're sitting at the bottom of the barrel and morale could not get much lower. I would like someone to write in here and tell us 3 achievements of his administration that have benefited everyone in the state.

I Trust Him

We are lucky to have McCrory as our governor. He sees a problem and finds a pragmatic solution. He already reduced unemployment and before his first term is over, the changes he made to education will be showing positive results. He cares enough about NC to do the right thing. Duke is undoing problems. Good Stuff.


The media will do anything to discredit the governor. He pushed to have a quicker clean up.