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Do you think Gov. Pat McCrory's visit to Screen Gems changes anything in the film incentive debate?

Political Cave In,s

are never done in public. I'm guessing that the Gov. has already caved in and is discussing ways to make this film issue work and save the industry and face at the same time. I doubt he came to visit just to calm critics. It's likely he finally realized that the money trail runs both ways and we are not dealing with chump change. I hate to say this about Mr. McCory but he seems to be a small thinker as do most Republicans


McWhorey will do nothing that Art Pope doesn't tell him to do. Our state budget director wasn't elected to anything, but he is the one pulling the strings of his puppet, Pat. McCrory was once a moderate Republican mayor of Charlotte and a supporter of that city's film/TV industry. Now he's nothing but a mouthpiece and punching bag for Americans for Prosperity/Civitas/John Locke/ALEC--in other words, outside interests (Koch Industries) and inside influences (Pope).

He sold his soul to Pope and the Cathy family, who are bankrolling Pinewood Studios in Atlanta. And his so-called "Carolina Comeback" has given the state a $400 million revenue shortfall and more job LOSSES than any state in 2013.

Worst NC Governor EVER. 2016 can't get here fast enough.

Film Taxes

The Governor is helping some, but not enough. If the film people are going to collect tax money SO SHOULD THE REST PERIOD.They are not due any more than any one else they just think they are. Governor just hang in there.


The governor and Legislature DO care about facts and figures.
Safe Haven was a good movie but was an outlier right from the start.
First and foremost it was based on a book with a storyline that was based in Southport, NC not some fictional town. This provided a very positive and nonfictional storyline about he town. The movie itself was not a blockbuster but it DID (note past tense) provide a bump in tourism to that town. Now, like ball park supporters, fim supporters have to be careful because quite frankly the shine has worn off. Any future increases in tourism in Southport might be caused more from overall tourism increases and NOT from Safe Haven.
The same argument or thought process applies to jobs created by the incentive package. When the incentives were changed the state measured (not estimated) the amount of new jobs created and determined it was 55 full time jobs at a cost of $550,000 per job.
It is clear that Safe Haven was an exception to what is long standing and PROVEN fact - that filming does NOT drive tourism. That claim is dubious and often exaggerated. Then there is the Johnny Griffin math problem - where he claims that 30 extras working 30 days equals 900 job opportunities. Yet it is those same 30 people working, part time for just a month. This is not "job creation" by any stretch of the imagination. And, where are the COSTS involved? How much do film industry workers collect in unemployment between films? This would greatly ADD to the burden paid by taxpayers. Not only do taxpayers FUND filming they also contribute to the unemployment paid to those workers between films. Film supporters are strangely quiet about this - I wonder why?
As for jobs moving? I doubt that would happen on any grand scale. Movie Maker magazine published the top 10 medium and large cities for filming in the U.S. and there were many cities in those lists from states that had NO INCENTIVES. This completely refutes the argument about filing's demise in this state but film supporters conveniently ignore it.
Film supporters have over stated their importance to the state, have exaggerated the benefits to the state, and ignored the costs to the state. Yet when confronted with study after study, and when confronted with measured results from state auditors from OTHER states they slink away, provided NO independent facts and generally start name calling and saying things like "Well, Georgia does it".

You have become an embarrassment to yourselves and the industry.
Stand on your own two feet WITHOUT government assistance. It is time.


The Big Picture, Indeed

Georgia has a Republican Governor.

Georgia has film incentives.

From "In FY 2013 alone, television networks, Hollywood studios, production companies and independent producers invested more than $3.3 billion in Georgia."

3.3 BILLION. Those Republicans see the big picture.

Think film/tv is the only business that receives incentives? You're clueless. The playing field isn't level, so you play the game and keep the money here. OR, you run off an industry that's been around for 30 years because your bud Dan Cathy is helping expand Pinewood studios in Georgia:

From the LA Times:

"Pinewood Atlanta is a joint venture with River's Rock, a trust of the Cathy family, which established the Chick-fil-A fast food restaurant empire in Atlanta.

Pinewood executives cited Georgia's film tax credit as a major draw. The state provides a 20% tax credit for companies that spend $500,000 or more production in the state. Film producers also can receive an additional 10% if the project helps promote the state of Georgia.

“Today’s agreement is another step forward for the Pinewood brand internationally," Ivan Dunleavy, Pinewood CEO said in a statement. "This new studio will target U.S. productions. Georgia has excellent fiscal incentives and a great crew base. With River’s Rock, we have a well-resourced partner that is committed to building a first-class studio facility.”

So, to those of you who don't see the big picture, just trust that the Republicans in Georgia are smarter than you, and they do see it.


Actually they don't see it because state studies done in Georgia cannot be released to the public by law. The last time incentives were discussed the debate was lively and many legislators were against it.
The Tea Party in Georiga plans to cap incentives the same way NC has and if the Georgia GOP is anything like the national GOP is they will capitulate.
SC Governor Sanford wanted them eliminated from SC but the Legislature over rode his veto. I'm not surprised but it was harbinger of what is to come. Face it, deal with it.

The time is coming where all states will see this folly - the tide is turning against incentives as more and more states see the losses mount from them.
NC has shown that even a Republican Governor and Legislature can end the most egregious form of corporate welfare.
Watch what happens.....


Mccrory's visit to Screen Gems making a difference with Tax Ince

McCrory and Cronnies have already made up their minds to get rid of our Industry.

McCrory and his cronnies are

McCrory and his cronnies are getting rid of your industry? If your industry was as good as you say it is they would have no power to get rid of it. The fact that you depend on them to stay above water shows an apparent weakness in your industry b

Film Incentives

I think McRory is Missing the big picture, literally! I have worked as an extra on several Movies shot in and around the Wilmington Area. The Biggest one being SafeHaven Filmed in southport nc. The amount of money that the studios spend far outweighs the incentives given. While working with the studios I saw first hand the money spent at local vendors, and shops. The Food, the supplies, equipment rentals, auto rentals, fresh vegetables, etc.....
They spend a ton of money in and around the Wilmington area, not to mention the publicity the city gets along with other areas of NC. I know from reports, and statastics, that since the filming of SafeHaven in Southport, tourism has been up and they have had some of the best numbers they've had in years because of the publicity the town got.
Now I know that if it had that big of an impact for the town of Soutport, it has to have had an impact on Wilmington and surrounding areas, some probably better than others.
Its already reported that there are some neighboring states that are already saying they will offer the incentives NC once offered just to draw their business.
I think the Governor needs to rethink his decision, and look at the numbers again. I never studied business, but I do know this from working in the restaurant industry for over 20 years, and that is, you have to spend money in order to make money. You can't do one with out the other.

First of all Mitch

I will agree that Safe Haven was a temporary boom to Southport tourism - but SH was unique in that the movie was based on a book that was written about Southport.
SH was an outlier. Does ILM benefit from movies that depict other towns? Hardly. Christmas in Conway didn't benefit ILM tourism at all - it may have helped Conway but frankly I don't think they noticed.
As for "tons" of money being spent that is questionable. Remember how film incentives work. A film company spends $100 - the state taxes that spending - sales tax, payroll etc at 5% so the state takes in $5. They pay out the incentive at 25% of spending so they pay that SAME film company $25.
So where did the other $20 come from? From state tax coffers - or us.
If this were a TRUE rebate of taxes paid I wouldn't have too much of a problem with it. Capped at taxes paid - no other monies paid out. I wouldn't have a problem with that - but thats not good enough for film supporters.
Your wanton greed is outrageous, and costly an bears no profit for NC.
It is time to stand on your own two feet......


Another quality informed opinion

Another quality informed opinion from someone with an in-depth knowledge of economics; an extra. Yep, when I'm looking for an in-depth opinion on economic issues, the first person I would turn to would be someone who works part time as a piece of movable human scenery.

NC Film Incentives

The Gov. and many Republicans in the General Assembly don't care about facts. They are letting their personal/political idiotology and greed and campaign contributions govern the fiction they believe and act on. If they based their decisions on fact and what would be best for NC, our people, and our economy-- they would have removed the sunset and kept NC's current Strong Film Tax Incentives. Since they did not act in a timely way, we have lost and will lose more film productions. If they based their decisions on fact, they could still keep our strong film tax incentives (and the possibility of a little funded grant program is a sham because it will be administered based on politics). However, they won't. Voting them out in Nov. will be a good thing but it will be too late to save NC's Film Industry.

Ohhh...pat maccrory and his

Ohhh...pat maccrory and his idiotology! I wonder why he even put the sunset in the legislation any way. Ohhh those evil republicans.

It's not his fault...the dems wrote the law and signed it. Now it's up to McCrory to renew it. Y'all had a chance to prove yourself, and you didn't. Shut up and leave.

Did you know that for every dollar nc puts into roads we get 4 in return? Let's pave the whole state!!!!

The big lie

The big lie is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously"(Wikipedia).

Except for the film industry's bought and paid for study, every other study has proven that the film incentive program shells out more money than it takes in. Everybody knows that, even you, but you don't care because that doesn't line your own pocket. So what do you do? You completely reverse the facts and try to turn into an issue about something else. That's why it's called the big lie.

No one is surprised that an industry that makes its living selling fantasy would attempt to use even more fantasy to extort other people's money that you never should have gotten in the first place. What is surprising is how much you're all willing to use something like "the big lie" just to hang onto your ill-gotten gains.