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Do you think home builders in vacation areas should be able to start construction at 7 a.m.?

And the garbage truck in my

And the garbage truck in my area comes between 4-5 AM Thursday mornings on my side of the street and then back up the other side. I deal with it.

7 am?

If I recall correctly, the pile driving began at 9 am, not 7 am.

If you are here for vacation

If you are here for vacation then you don't have anything productive to do so why should it be a problem waking up earlier. I've never had a problem with early construction but it does get annoying sometimes. I had three houses built on the edge of my property about 100 feet from my house. This lasted over span of two years. It was very annoying because I was working night shift and getting home 5-6am. Then at 7am sawing, hammering, and vehicles. I never complained but it did affect my sleep and even how productive I was on the job. The worst part was the roofing and siding, Luckily it only lasted a few day each house. It's part of life and if people on vacation don't like it find a new spot. I'd be more worried about people in my position that working for a living not on vacation.

"If you are here for

"If you are here for vacation then you don't have anything productive to do so why should it be a problem waking up earlier."

Because I have nothing pressing to do and would desire to sleep in for a change rather than having to wake up early? Maybe that is one reason I enjoy going to the west coast for vacation; even if I get woken up at 8 or 9AM my body still thinks it's 11 or 12 by it's internal clock.


The construction crews don't create noise, they create jobs. If you don't like it go home.

Don't create noise ?

Of course they do. They create jobs too but to say they don't create noise is just a flat out stupid thing to say.

8 AM

8 AM has always felt like a logical compromise to me.

If they're not violating

the noise ordinance, why not.

Up here, the noise ordinance controls the hours 11 PM through 7 AM. There's also a distance rule which applies to determine if noise is too loud.

It's not uncommon, when the temps are in the 90s with high humidity for a crew to work from 7 AM through Noon; knock off; return around 4 PM; and resume work.

Considering most construction contracts have a completion date; and that many lenders have periodic draw inspections, working 9 to 5 is not practical.

Penton Development

Penton Development allows their contractors to start work as early as 6 am, despite the 7 am start time per the county noise ordinance. They have no respect for those affected by their rudeness. I guess some people feel they are above the law.

Always start early, except...

...for Sundays! 10 am for Sundays (for the ones that want to do Sunday work). The greed should be able to abate for a few hours for one day of our long week. We all deserve just one day, a little peace...a little quiet...

When I grew up, Sundays were for resting, peace and in respect for others (ONE in particular of whom I won't mention). That was a long time ago and a shame to see fall by the wayside over time.

General respect and consideration for others takes a quick back seat to money and profit now, it's obvious.

Construction workers

Construction workers get paid only for the days they actually work. Rain can delay a job and really impact a weekly paycheck. Saturdays and Sundays by necessity have to become makeup days. These workers have bills to pay and families to feed. They do not have your 9am to 5pm jobs in office buildings where you get your 40 hr pay checks regardless of the weather. Banks loaning money on construction work have deadlines to meet and schedules have to be met in order for the loan to pay off and then get paid. Yeah, I guess you can say that respect and consideration takes a back seat to money and profit.....but I can also assume that you had that job that paid for the full forty whether you actually worked it or not.

Is this individual

Is this individual suggesting that ALL construction cease during tourist season or just be scheduled during their own personal vacation? They really have a very high opinion of their own importance.

construction worker start work at 7 o'clock

If the tourists don't liKe construction workers tell them to stay at home!!!get up at 06:00 and go down To the beach and stay all day!!! construction worker start early to beat the heat!!!remember this if it wasn't for us construction workers you wouldn't have a place to come vacation!!! have a great stay God bless you !!!!

This is the best...

"poll question of the day" you could come up with?

construction at 7 a. m.

I am a licensed NC builder, building homes since 1966, for 48 years. We have always started our day at 7:00 am. It gives us a good start before the heat of the day.