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Do you think identification should be required to vote in North Carolina?

Voter ID

It just seems to me that there is always a way to have access to somekind of id for a small price - unless you are hiding something. Also - I happen to know that there are some people who snowbird from the north and south who vote in both places and noone catches that. I dont think having to prove who you are is a bad thing. It will stop most kinds of corruption.

Showing ID To Vote

I'm a Black woman who is a Democrat and I say go for it. I'm sure there are some Republicans who used deceased individuals' names and their names to vote.

There is no valid reason to NOT have an ID to vote.

If you drink it, smoke it, cash it, write a check for it, rent it, fix it, burn it, lease it or buy it, ya gotta have identification.

And you need to have it to vote as well! Voting is THEE single most important right that each of us has as United States citizens and it need to have emphasis placed on honesty and integrity.

All of this bull-hooie about being too poor, too old, incapacitated or whatever as a "reason" to not have an ID is nothing other than ignorant excuses. I have never NOT voted since I turned 18. I have had a State issued ID since I was 15 and have had it ever since.

In todays world, if you don't have formal identification, you've either been hospitalized for an extended period of time, live in a cave burning candles or are relying on every taxpayer funded handout available for your sustainance.


Prison ID's don't count for you. How can you get a "taxpayer funded handout" without an ID? You seem to be an expert; enlighten us.

Voter ID

Imagine all the seniors who are too old to drive, many have fought for this country, and now they do not have a current photo ID. Voting is such a privilege and we are one of the only countries where everyone gets the chance to express their voting right. Imagine the people who died so that we all have the right to vote? What is happening to this wonderful country that I have known, why are we going backward??? Not everyone can get an ID so readily.



You are correct, up to a point. How do they cash their checks? Anyone can get an ID by going to DMV and proving who you are..

Most people, especially

Most people, especially seniors have direct deposit so there is no check to cash and secondly "Anyone can get an ID by going to DMV and proving who you are". One has to have ID to prove who they are, right??

re: Voter ID