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Do you think it's appropriate for Deb Butler to use a transvaginal ultrasound wand in a political ad against Sen. Thom Goolsby?


The only thing that is tasteless is that the bill even exists.....Thom Goolsby: Get out of my vagina!!!!!!

Butler is a complete idiot!

Thank God she's showing her colors colors early. We don't want any more of those first time, uninformed, minority voters to make another mistake like they did with Obama!

It's totally appropriate.

It's totally appropriate. Why are you even asking this question?

Debate copies not for sale any more?

Why did you stop offering copies of the Goolsby / Butler debate for sale?? I sense a TV station bending to political pressure. That's not very brave.

It's a medical device. And

It's a medical device. And so much more.


What's the problem. My wife loves her transvaginal wand.

Transvaginal wand

If Goolsby can vote for women to submit to a procedure like that, he/it is fair game! He opened the door! Although the add may backfire on Butler, I hope that it does not!