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Do you think it's fair to drug test welfare applicants?

I have had many jobs and

I have had many jobs and every one of them had a mandatory drug test. I have also received assistant from the state. At the time I needed assistance it was a need to help me and my child survive. I would have gladly taken a drug test to get the help that I needed. I now have a good paying job and still take mandatory drug tests. Seems to me that if you need the state funds you would be willing to do just about anything for your future and the future of your children.

Drug testing for welfare

Welfare recipients should be drug screened in order to receive assistance funded by taxpayers. These recipients should be drug free so that they can look for gainful employment and work toward being off welfare and able to support themselves. As long as recipients do not have to be concerned about drug screening, they will continue to be on drugs and will not pass any drug screening used by employers for hiring, therefore they will never be off welfare and will never be a gainfully employed, tax paying citizen. The circle will never end.


I think we should drug test the morons that are making the laws.

Doesn't matter

Just about ALL states that have attempted this have had the programs deemed unconstitutional by the courts.
Florida has found that the drug testing costs far outweighed the cost savings from kicking people off welfare.

Not worth the time nor the effort - REMEMBER - unlike drug testing for work this is the government doing this NOT a private company.
There is a huge difference - as much as we don't want to admit it.


Sorry, I don't buy that at all.

Gang activity is driven by drug use and sales. Gang activity is prevalent in the housing projects. They are not there to steal money, they're there to sell their drugs for the money. There is no other reason for the gangs to be so prolific in those neighborhoods. Drugs, no other reason.

And don't just test the "name" responsible for the residence. Everyone that occupies that residence above the age of 12 should be drug tested. Any one of them can't pee straight they ALL go! Then "mamma" might begin to control who does what under her roof for fear of losing it herself.

The leftist side of the government knows they would be throwing people out on the streets right and left with drug testing and is why they want to deem it as "unconstitutional". The judges would then start losing their votes because those are the very ones they count on to keep them in office!

I have to be able to pass drug tests to maintain the job that allows me to pay for these entitlement recipients, the entitlement recipients should be drug tested to qualify for the money I provide them! Fair is fair, "unconstitutional" is a bunch of horse sludge and an excuse for NOT wanting make things better!


I know several people on welfare that have good jobs and live in nice homes. These people need to be investigated but our government had rather just use our tax money and not worry about it. People on Medicare who have worked all their life need more help than they can get and the government will do anything to keep from helping them. This welfare system is wrong. They can get on welfare, no questions ask.

You are so full of crap its

You are so full of crap its a wonder you can walk.

Drug users getting welfare!!

I am an ex drug user and I know what go's on with drug users and they SHOULD be tested and drug free to receive welfare!!

This is going to far. People

This is going to far. People the government is trying to go over God. We are becoming in a sense a one world government.Yes we have to drug test for jobs but my God for public assistance thats not right. You can't help the past or habits of others all you can do is pray for them. By all means why cut they money when this is there way to survive and keep them on their feet. Nobody but republicans are making these crazy laws and God is going to get them. Let Obama do what he can for our country, if the White House give him a chance he can make the right decisons. But trying to take over and do his job no that is not what they suppose to do. So sit down, pray, and leave well enough alone.

Reality just an illusion to you?

God is going to get the GOP? Did God tell you that?

Can't help the habits of others? Ever heard of rehab programs?

Obama is in charge of welfare decisions? Really?

You should pray for some clarity in your life. You're totally delusional.

too far?

You obviously don't know many people on welfare and all the people who abuse the system. There are man many many welfare recipients who for example, trade their food stamps for cash and use the money to buy alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, designer bags, and gold jewelry. There is widespread abuse of social services, I see it everyday and know it's fact. So yes, welfare recipients should most definitely be tested for drugs.

Requiring a drug test for

Requiring a drug test for public assistance is not a mandate. You would not get punished for not taking the drug test. You just simply wouldn't receive a benefit.

The mandate in obamacare is the government trying to take over our lives. We don't have a choice in obamacare. There is no way to opt out, unless you are Congress, corporate, union or special interest groups. We bow to the will of the government or we get punished. That is one of the many things that Obama is doing wrong. There is nothing that Obama can do for our country other than to keep running it into the ground like he has been doing since he took office. He, along with a host of other politicians, has ignored his single most important duty to this country. He has failed to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

I just did...

I just prayed and nothing happened :-(
Will try again later.

And we know what you prayed for.

You prayed you were still living here instead of being stuck in Nevada and scanning our local news blogs every day because you have nothing better to do.

If one is asking for a hand

If one is asking for a hand out and FREE money, that my taxes are paying to them then as a citizen of the USA I am entitled to ask my government to prove this person is not using drugs. It is not about our government being in your business because you are getting welfare. It is about using the money properly. If you want the benefit of free money then you have to drug test. It just might keep those who have warrants out on them away from taking things freely away from law abiding citizen. There are many companies and schools that drug test. To get a paycheck if my company requires me to be drug tested so be it. My sons school drug tests every student every year and it is random.

Drug testing absolutely should be required

Many people who WORK for a living are required to be drug (and alcohol) tested on a regular basis. Not because of any suspicion, but because in many cases, it's a government requirement. For example, if you work at either of the nuclear facilities in the area, if your number comes up, you have a very short time to show up at FFD and give your sample. Breathalyzer before and after, too! In other cases, it's within the rights of a private employer to require them. Why should those receiving welfare benefits be "special", and not have the aggravation of having to take the time to go get tested? What else are you doing in between looking for work that this would interfere with?

Looking at the numbers, the percentage of people the don't like the idea is very low. This is one of those rare things that nearly everyone agrees on - Democrats, Republicans, Black, White, Purple, and probably even most people receiving welfare benefits.

I'd expect that these will be Chain Of Custody" tests which means that there are NO false positives. Come up somewhat positive because of that poppy seed bagel? The sample goes off to the Mass Spectrometer which will practically figure out what brand of bagel it was.

Privacy anyone?

I am seriously concerned by everyone's acquiescence in accepting greater and greater governmental intrusion into our privacy. Drug tests should only be required if one is suspected of using drugs and with a court order. The fourth amendment protects us from unreasonable search and seizure. Beware of any attempt or precondition for employment or any service. Why not drug test all who go to get a driver's license? What about social security benefits? Why not drug test everyone who votes? Why not require a drug test be submitted with your income tax in April? If the government controls who can and cannot work or vote or receive services by intrusive means we lose. Sounds great for politicians to say "I am tough on welfare receipts". It would sound better for them to say "I support the constitution and individual freedom". Next thing you know the government will want to give benefits to those who only eat certain things or go to certain churches etc.... The right to privacy and protection of these rights are essential if we are to remain a free people. Remember today's governmental intrusion into someone else's privacy will affect you tomorrow!! Beware of the power we hand blindly to our government!!

Plenty of privacy

The fourth amendment doesn't apply here because you are not under force to submit to the testing. You don't have to do it. However, if you don't submit to the test you lose your "free" benefits. It is a free choice you would make.

Drug tests are already a requirement for commercial drivers. And the same applies, don't want to submit to the test? No problem, you just don't get the license.

Social security is money a person paid in by taxes so they are getting their own money back.

Voting is a right and the proof of how many voters are on drugs is apparent by our current president.

A drug test to submit taxes potentially has already been done before the person was hired to work the job that the tax forms are reporting.

Your rambling is pointless and totally without merit.

As an employee, I am subjected to random drug testing in order to maintain the position I hold within my company. It is a condition of my employment that is set forth, up front, upon application. If I choose to keep my job, I must abide by those conditions. At the end of the month, I only get a portion of that money I EARNED, the rest goes to taxation.
Those taxes pay the way for those on welfare that either cannot or will not do anything for themselves! If I have to be drug tested to earn the money that pays your way through life, YOU should be held accountable and responsible for receiving that money by proving yourself to be clean and free of drugs as well! I'm not happy about paying for people to sit on their a$$es and do nothing but consume and sell drugs at MY expense!

That is the END of that argument!

No, It's Not

It isn't the end because you say so.
I don't have nor have I ever had kids in school and I pay tax for that. There are about 30 parks in New Hanover county I don't use but I have to pay for those. The Convention Center is not paid for and I don't use that, but I have to help pay. I don't go downtown to celebrations but I help pay for those.
If you want to be a member of society you have to help pay for things that you don't use but benefits others.
Any other viewpoint is naive. So pull your head out of the sand, look around, and think before you type.

Welfare testing

Even my grandchildren have to be tested to get a summer job,by all means everyone who receives welfare should be tested.

Drug testing for Welfare Recipients

Since we are talking about taxpayers money, then let's also tax everyone who gets any monetary compensation from the state as well, such as everyone who drives on the road since that road is paid for by taxes, every park goer, since the parks are funded by taxes, every community event funded by taxes like 4th of July celebrations. heck, since we are considering being stupid anyway let's just drug test everyone and be done with it. Today it may be me, but tomorrow it will be you. And speaking of money, who's going to pay for all the tests, and the expenses incurred in processing and maintaining the records, and then, just because someone passes today, do we keep tesing them, and if they turn up positive do we just rip the food out of the children's mouths and take the clothes off their backs? What the heck are you (the people who voted yes)thinking anyway! Are you so naive that you think this is a good idea? Get real. Try suggesting something that isn't knee jerk reaction to the wingers.

Absolutely, and if they have

Absolutely, and if they have already received welfare, make them pay it back or do community service or both.

Let's see ...

... I DO pay taxes when I use the roads, that's what my vehicle taxes are used for. I also DO pay for the parks that I don't use, because I DO pay county and state taxes, which is the same way I pay for the 4th of July celebration and other community events.
And what do you mean it could be me tomorrow? It IS already me ... today. I have to take drug tests all the time! In case you have missed it, most people that keep a full time job, pay taxes, their own health insurance, social security, medicaid, ... have to take a drug test.
And by the way ... I will happily feed any child that is in need, same goes for the old, the sick and the unfortunate. However, if you use any kind of illegal substance, there are two possible scenarios.
Either you are a serious addict, then the state needs to take the kids and put you into rehab so that you and your family can reunite one day and live a healthy life.
Or you choose to abuse those substances and than you are living the life that you asked for. If you have no money, because you cannot find a job, then this is your choice. NOT my choice, or society's choice ... so suck it up and don't ask for hand outs.


i say no tests because then i cant get my check to life on every month.i once had a job cleaning gutters but i fall to hit my head so i now smoke daily to help with my memory and to be able to be able to talk to peoples.

Now, THAT explanation...

...says it all! Nothing like honesty...well...except for a little confusion as to how to boost one's memory problems. I just don't think the "smoke" is going to benefit you in that area Bra'.


If you think that troll was a legitimate post then you are more ignorant than I thought. If that is possible.

welfare truth

those who say no = welfare recipients
i don't care = make too much money / remain ignorant of our nation's problems / Obama supporter.

Benefits and welfare are not meant to be careers!


I've had many jobs that required I pass a drug screen before I was given the opportunity to offer a honest days work for an honest days pay. If the tax dollars I contribute towards the welfare system are being used to help provide anybody the assistance they need to keep a roof over their heads, the very least they can do is pass a drug screen as I did.

Is that really asking too much? If you have a drug problem, then ask for help and we'll pay for that too!

Welfare drug test

If you are required to take a drug test to EARN a living then I feel it is only fair to require a drug test to receive FREE money! Many people have had to work long and hard to "assist" others without jobs, the least they can do is be worthy of that help.