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Do you think law enforcement needs military-style equipment?

YEAH please do!

It's some people with money and power that aren't paid criminals (cops, police, pigs, etc). If you want to see wilmington destroyed in an instant implement these nwo policies. All of the people you want to kill aren't stupid. I know just like you that you only want this so you can kill who you want and not cover it up. You want us to fight against you, you just want the advantage. This post is very likely to not be posted because it contains the truth.


No sympathy what so ever for this thug. Apparently, he was not exactly an upstanding citizen. Robbing a store.....I feel sorry for the police in having to deal with this kind of trash on a daily basis. Stay out of trouble, you thugs, and the police will not have to get involved. And how about those animals looting and destroying businesses in community? That is no way to "demonstrate". Whatever happened to peaceful and rationale demonstrations? Again, no sympathy for the thug killed or the animals who are looting and destroying community.


Proven today he paid at the cash register and the video shows an argument but no proof he was stealing. Owner of the store didn't even understand why pigs wanted the video. Keep name calling...stick your foot in your mouth often? No justice no peace...keep fighting for the pigs to be judge jury and executioner. To me, you are the thug.

And calling the police

And calling the police "Pigs" furthers the needed dialogue between the sides how? Any video proof of what transpired during the shoot? NO all we we have is conflicting evidence so for NOW I keep my opinion mostly to myself. I didn't witness it nor I assume did you; lacking that we can only go by what the media and various groups of differing agendas put out there. Rioting, burning and looting does nothing but hurt your cause. Act like you deserve respect you just might get it, act like you don't and you've seen the results.

Cop shoots Asian, Hispanic, Indian, White kid.. might make page 2 or 3 of the newspaper; he's Black it's now media frenzy and people riot. People of every race commit crimes and get shot by cops; deal with it. I don't mean to dismiss this shoot; I have problems/questions about it as well but I do not have any real facts to go by at this time so all I can do is guess and that is not enough basis to riot etc.

The innocent need protection...

Yes, the police will need the equipment. Years ago, they would not have required it. However, Democrat-liberal policies are turning America into a third-world country. Blacks and illegal aliens are becoming increasingly lawless and dangerous. The police must have the means necessary to protect the innocent from these mobs of criminals. It's even getting unsafe in Wilmington of all places. The innocent taxpayers should not have to move to gated communities with private guards. Let the police do their work. Quit building public housing projects also.

Ignorance is Bliss

Really "the blacks" and illegal aliens? I don't know why the ignorance that spews from some people's mouths surprises me but your opinion disgusts me. In the news last week alone I saw different violent crimes including human trafficking, possession of homemade bombs, etc, all of which were committed by white males. I don't think that crime has a specific race. I want whoever commits a crime to be dealt with accordingly. I guess it's a good thing I let you in on the fact that white people commit crimes too; otherwise you could have been completely blindsided by what I'm sure is your own kind.

Don't waste your time

It's been proven that some people too dumb for any word in our vocabulary to reach. They will blame anyone for anything they are accused of to fit in with social classes. The only United about the State of America is corruption!

"Ignorance is bliss"? Hardly so....

The crimes you speak of that were committed by whites are indeed serious crimes. However, resolution of those crime did not necessitate the activation of military style force and the eventual request for the National Guard. You have completely missed his point!

When we face people that want form into riot gangs, burn buildings, cars, throw molotov cocktails, threaten to kill police and innocent "whites", that requires an entirely different form of law enforcement, using different equipment and different tactics. Unfortunately, crimes of THIS nature as we are witnessing now usually does involve blacks and illegals. I don't think his post was intended as being racist, it was simply factual. Sometimes people have a difficult time with facing truth and reality, wake up.

They can put the big guns

They can put the big guns away when people start acting civilized and stop acting like animals.

They can put the big guns

They can put the big guns away when people start acting civilized and stop acting like animals.

police equipment

The person killed robed a store. is high on drugs asnd is drunk. Th.e news media crucifies the police. The community loots the neighborhood and news 3 ask if police need equipment

Should police have military-style equipment?

Newsflash: Police officers have had military-style equipment for years; that fact is not made public to keep the criminal element from knowing what to expect. As a former officer, I and my fellow officers all wore Kevlar armor under our uniforms. The heavier-duty flak vests worn by SWAT squads are necessary when criminals are carrying large-caliber and full-automatic weapons. In larger municipalities, armored vehicles are necessary to protect officers and preserve order in mass demonstrations that turn into full-blown riots. Sometimes a show of force is necessary to dissuade violence and unlawful activity. The police must never be overwhelmed by the criminal element in our society. They're not just armed social workers; they carry a heavy responsibility and are enabled to use deadly force to protect life and property, often with only a few seconds to make life-or-death decisions.

Police: Protect & Serve

Police are to protect and serve. The use of this "military" style force is unacceptable. I understand the need to have kevlar and swat teams for serious situations, however using smoke grenades/flash grenades/etc while serving low level warrants or breaking up the legal assembly of people protesting is absurd.
Also, I would like to know if all these local yahoo police officers are properly trained to use all these flashy toys!

Well said.

No other comment.

So Law Enforcement doesn't

So Law Enforcement doesn't need Flashbangs(distraction devices) SMoke grenades i.e tear gas. By what you are saying if a serious situation breaks out LEO shouldnt use those pieces of equiptment to lower the chance of people getting injured , I guess they should just use their nice words and hope the people listen. Get a life fool tactical teams are the only ones who carry those types of things not your regular patrol officers. It is obvious you have no idea what you are talking about, so maybe you should just stick with asking your customers do they want to super size their fries!

Get a life fool ..... Just stick with super sizing fries ???

Really? This is how you perceive those you've sworn to serve and protect? If they're not cops, it's none of their business so they deserve to be insulted, just because they said something you didn't like? You've just sent good police public relations backwards by at least a giant step.

YOU, WilmBlue77, are the type of person that, if you're actually in law enforcement, would concern me. Your attitude, Wilmblue77, is of much greater concern to me than any increase of new weaponry would ever be because you're the one licensed to pull the trigger. You've essentially said "As long as we're fighting the bad guys, the rest of you have no business even thinking about the trade off between effective law enforcement and your own personal freedom."

As one of those citizens that law enforcement is here to serve and protect, I too have certain obligations to the society I'm a part of. One of those obligations is always be vigilant in protecting the freedoms our county was founded on. When I read posts like yours, a red flag immediately goes up.

Successful civilizations are always a balancing act. I'm all for law and order but not for overtly ordered law. You're swinging too far away from the center. It's time to get things back in balance again.

Protecting the 98% of us

Protecting the 98% of us (90%?) From the yahoos and idiots yes. If you haven't heard the unlawful are sometimes better armed than the lawful (see the piece about armor peircing bullets used on a deputy recently). Flash bang grenades are better than bullets and I'd assume you would rather they were used? You can't have it both ways; *IF* the officer(s) feel the need to use force I'd rather have a flash, taser, beanbag or what have you than bullets flying.

The gangs etc. upped the weapons ante, the cops had to follow suit. Let us go back to the lessons of the 20's; the cops had revolvers, the gangsters got machine guns - soon after the cops had machine guns. Same scenario just different armament.

I love it when people bark about a cop firing his/her weapon and talk about "innocent bystanders".. why does no one mention that when a hood empties a whole clip at someone? At least the officer has some training in properly aiming at a target rather that holding a pistol sideways and just pulling the trigger. (Hey thugs.. those things on the top of the barrel are called "sights" for a reason.. but I guess that makes as much sense as the bill of a ball cap being to the front to shade your eyes or pants that cover your butt crack or your boxers that no one wants to see.)