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Do you think law enforcement should be able to use drones with cameras?


... freakin spending money! It's not even time to discuss the legal/privacy issues. We as tax payers can't afford it!


That's just what we need another venue for the government to abuse power and violate the fourth amendment
they are already buying up surplus military vehicles and equipment to what end?

Not now

Many years ago, I would have said "yes" to allowing law enforcement to use this tool. Now, however, our government has grown into one that no longer serves and protects its citizens, but serves and protects itself.

I no longer trust our government to only use these tools for legitimate reasons.


Needs qualifiers.The use of drones should be screened to avoid abuse. There would definitely be indications such as search and rescue. What are the qualifications of the 'Pilot'? How big would these things be? Certainly not 'Predator' sized or armed. I still have severe reservations about an MRAP they were driving on Oak Island during the Christmas Parade.