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Do you think leaders in Washington will reach an agreement on forced spending cuts before Friday's deadline?

Every media outlet has

Every media outlet has fallen for "the massive cuts". Pray tell me if we cannot cut 2% of a 4% increase, how are we ever going to manage the 16 trillion dollar debt? How about some common sense reporting?

Tax cuts

Politicians still haven't learned how to get along-dem or repub. Doesn't matter who is in office. I believe it should be a requirement for any candidate running to live for a year as a minimum wage earner with no help from the government. They should do without all entitlements, working 2or3 jobs just to try and make ends meet with no health/dental care (can't afford it), try to feed the kids, no extra curricular activities unless it's free but you either have to walk/ride bicycle because the gas is too high to drive, no cable, internet, nothing. I'm cutting off my internet next week because TW has increased rates by $14 in last 3mos. Plus everything else that's gone up just can't afford it any longer. I would really love to get my hair done but gas prices have taken that away from me. Washington needs to increase revenue by requiring the top 1% to pay their fair share of the taxes just like us low income folks. I bet it would definitely lower the debt in this country.

How Much???

The top 1% already pay their fair share and more. Well over 50% of the taxes paid come from the top 1%. How much more should they pay? More people have to get off the government dole and get back to work which, by the way, is mostly provided by the top 1%! I think that the other 99% need to worry about contributing as well. How about making unemployment,welfare, fraudulent social security payments, etc. a little less acceptable to a growing percentage of the population? If we keep hammering the top 1% the jobs and investment will go away altogether - then we will have what our President wants - equality - nobody has anything!