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Do you think legalizing marijuana is a viable way for NC to increase tax revenues?

Legalization of marijuana

Reasons for the legalization of marijuana medically and recreationally:

1. Biblical rights of human kind: Genesis: Chapters; 1, verse 11, 12, and 29. Further, it states in the Bible that we are to do things in moderation, not in excess.
2. There is no substantiation for laws to have ever been adopted. No violation of person or property damage can be associated with cultivation or use of marijuana.
3. As it stands currently no health inspections of marijuana occur, so we have no idea what other toxic substances may exist in imported or domestically produced marijuana. This is a potential human health threat potentially exposing 50 to 60 percent of marijuana users to potential unknown contaminants or adulterants potentially in uninspected and unregulated imported marijuana.
4. Currently because of prohibition no age restriction is defined for its use.
5. The efforts of law enforcement have statistically shown that law enforcement efforts are only 10 percent effective in the U.S. at stopping marijuana trafficking. That means they are 90 percent ineffective. That's a lot of money lost.
6. The U.S. loses over a trillion dollars purchasing and imported product, when it can be cultivated, inspected, and sold to U.S. consumers under government regulation and control.
7. Our government leaders were voted in to represent the people and their interests in America. 58 to 65 percent of American citizens desire marijuana to be legalized for medical and recreational use. Where is representation of the people as majority happening?
8. National unity is unbalanced. Federal laws states American Indian tribes can legally cultivate, distribute and sell marijuana nationally. Aren't all of use Americans? A number of states have passed legalization of marijuana for recreational use in some states and both medical and recreational use in other states, yet not all citizens have the same rights under our government system?
9. No one has died from using marijuana directly. Alcohol kills and creates illness in hundreds of thousands of people yearly yet alcohol is legal.
10. Marijuana prohibition is blocking trade of marijuana and marijuana non-consumable products from happening globally.

Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

I think it's somewhat absurd to believe that legalizing the use of a plant would somehow lead to complete disorder and social breakdown. First, we need to open our eyes to the fact that marijuana is easily accessible. Whether you make it legal or not, people are going to find a way to get it. More people are smoking it now than ever. There has been one incident that blew way out of proportion where a man possibly ingested a THC candy and committed murder (we're just going to ignore the fact that he had prescription medications in his system as well). Besides that, the world is spinning just as normal as can be and those same people are smoking right now while others are completely oblivious to it. Second, everyone needs to stop picking and choosing what can be part of this whole debate altogether. If you can say that marijuana is the root of all evil and should remain a schedule I drug, then fine. Just be prepared for my hale storm of an argument when it comes to how blind we are to the damaging affects of alcohol or how absurd and ludicrous it is to believe that marijuana is worst than morphine, adderall, oxycontin, and percocete while more people are dying from abusing each of those than marijuana. Third, we all need to accept the fact that a lot of the research that our legislation claims needs to be done is already done. This is just a stalling technique to give the illusion that they are on your side so you continue to vote for them. They see that the majority of the citizens are for legalization and need those votes to stay in office, but they don't agree with the idea at all.

We can't continue to pick and choose which parts of the truth we want to believe. Someone dies from an alcohol related incident and we mourn their loss while drinking more alcohol. We don't scrutinize alcohol abuse under the same microscope as we do marijuana even though alcohol seems to cause more problems. People are intent on broadcasting their beliefs of how horrible the plant is while we ignore the fact that the FDA just approved a heroine overdose device. If you don't see a problem there, you're part of the problem. At least with marijuana, you have the knowledge of what you're putting into your body. We're left to believe what they tell us when it comes to the prescription medications that doctors seem so eager to push down our throats. On that same note, we don't even seem to care that companies like Monsanto are poisoning our food supply. The food you give your children these days is possibly more dangerous than marijuana because of them, but we sweep that under the rug because we're not supposed to talk about that.

If anything, marijuana could bring in a good amount of revenue through taxes. Give it a high tax. We need that money for our teachers and schools, our police officers, our roads, and other things our state is hurting for. That is all :)

Cocaine is legal and

Cocaine is legal and available to banker elite at eagle point golf club in Wilmington, nc. why not tax and regulate pot?

Ya'll are going to be sad

Ya'll are going to be sad when you have to travel OUT OF STATE for your cancer cure!
Other states will have the treatment - and the industry that goes along with - long before NC.
NC will be left behind, once again.
But then, North Carolinians have a habit of shooting themselves in the foot, example: Pat McCrory.

I have heard many folks

I have heard many folks complain about North Carolina being in the alcohol business so why should it be in the dope business?

knowledge is empowering

This video explains just about everything about Marijuana, if your friends are willing to see a side other than the government, I STRONGLY suggest this video...

There's a tax on marijuana

I'm pretty certain there is a tax, as well as seizure of the ill-gotten gains, on the profits of drug dealers. The NC Dept of Revenue takes a big bite. Additionally, I'm sure smoking a blunt will not go over big on Carolina Beach or Wrightsville BEach where one better not even show up with an e-cigarette. New Hanover County is so inhospitable to smokers that I can't imagine, it will be any different, no matter what you smoke.

Legalization of marijuana

I personally think that Marijuana has been given an inaccurate stigma for so long that it could hard to convince people of North Carolina that it would be a great thing for our state. Not only would it provide our state with jobs, but it would also bring the state more money in taxes. I believe that Marijuana is a great drug to help people with Cancer, Diabetes, Migraines and other diseases. I also feel that it is a safer drug for pain than most of the codone based medicines on the market today.

Another thing that is super awesome about Marijuana, is the fact that it is so versatile. Meaning you can make textile with it, rope and all sorts of supplies. Hemp is one of the strongest materials for making rope. So before everyone starts shooting down the idea of Marijuana, do a little research and you will see that it isn't a bad thing. It's not just for hippies :)

Stats are showing more

Stats are showing more evidence that marijuana helps cancer. Such a cheap fix. Drug companies can not hide the facts anymore to keep their expensive drugs the only way.

no cure for cancer

Pot helps cancer patients with the pain and depression. It doesn't cure cancer, slow it down or prevent it.


GOD made pot man made beer who you trust?

Do it.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta has spoken. At the minimum, it should be legalized for medical use. There's just no scientific reason not to. There's no scientific reason to believe it's any worse than alcohol either, so just do it.

out of your mind

You gotta be out of your mind to even consider making this legal. You idiots have forgotten you passed laws that you can't smoke anywhere but your car and home. You should change laws to allow smokers to smoke before you legalize this.



Lots of sensible comments on this subject.

Unfortunately, yours isn't one of them. What you posted really has nothing to do with this subject at all except in the most superficial of ways. You simply linked your own personal pet peeve to the topic at hand.

I'm entitled

I am entitled to my own opinion and you are not entitled to tell me otherwise. Besides, you can't even spell. . . say Wha??? It's what.


It appears that WWAY's web folks do not post comments from people who disagree about legalizing marijuana. So, if you even see this one, just know there are people who disagree with what has been written in previous comments.

well darn

Lets tax those recreational drugs eh?

Why not charge taxes on membership fees to join the Bloods and Crips?

Legalize then tax prostitution? (that would effectively END human sex trafficking here by the way)

Of course we should also tax same sex marriage licenses (A tax on a government fee? How's THAT for being innovative!!!)

Tax gifts to politicians. Imagine "hairspray" Bill Saffo paying taxes on his free supply of hair glue.

Charge admission and impose a tax on attending City council meetings !!!

My gawd I've just solved all the city's revenue problems.



We need casinos, too!

Legalize it Nationwide!

First...North Carolina will fight it tooth and nail...but for the rest of us...the first one that says something negative about people smoking cigarettes, while Puffin' on a Big Fat Doober...gets 2 fingers in the eyes, as per The Three Stooges, from yours truly!
They wouldn't leave E Cigs alone for the fact that people are putting something that resembles a cigarette in their mouth, and they are offended. How about a joint?
How many that are for pot...but against cigarettes will bite their tongue I wonder???? You will hear a pin drop when that question gets asked.
The biggest benefit of legalizing pot will be that the potato chip industry stock will Sky Rocket...$500 per share!
If Ya gottem...smokem!

The End!

I believe NC is already

I believe NC is already bleeding us taxpayers to death, they are taking it in hand over fist from alcohol to their version of legalized gambling (lottery)to sales tax to property tax and you name it, what NC has got to do is start living within a budget, we sent a bunch of new elected officials to Raleigh including a new Govenor and have started righting the ship, but every time they start to tighten the belt and live within a budget the left starts whining, you can tax "pot", tax the very air we breath, but at some point you just have to quit spending more than you take in, until then,this state along with the country is heading into a big, dark, hole!

medical marijuana

I was a heroin addict at a young age, spent a decade flopping from heroin, to methadone, back to heroin. I am happy to say I've been clean from all opiates, no methadone, no suboxon, nothing. And I owe it all to high grade marijuana! And lots of it..the better the quality, the better your success. People out there with family members strung out, you know how hard it is, and how rough it is on the entire family. Try it! Medical marijuana can save your loved one's LIFE!!


I hear ya! I was addicted to heroin...then I started drinking and quit using heroin...then I had to start using meth so I could quit drinking...then I smoked crack so I could quit using meth.

You, my friend, are a drug addict! You don't need marijuana...YOU NEED HELP!!!

Smoking high grade marijuana is no better than shooting up with heroin. You are only fooling yourself.

Staggers My Imagination

It amazes me the irresponsibility of people promoting the legalization and use of pot. It's irresponsible because it encourages its use among a very vulnerable youth population who already has serious problems in the drug area.

Everyone seems to ignore FACTS on pot. Duke University released a study showing serious brain development problems when marijuana is used by people under 24. There are also more serious cancer-causing content that first imagined.

More FACTS: Since legalization in Washington state, the number of people arrested for driving while impaired using pot has increased 25 percent, and in Colorado they are having to run a million dollar TV commercial campaign because of the issue of more people driving under its influence.

Medical use? No problem. But one more FACT: most people fighting for its legalization have no medical need. They simply want to get high.

If for no other reason than to discourage its use among our youth, we should stop this ridiculous promotional campaign of it.

RE: Staggers

You sir/ma'am, are an idiot!

We have already spent million $ PSA's for all kinds of bull & the increase in driving while impaired brings in even more tax payer $.

No where in the Duke study, which happens to be your first problem in believe propaganda they published, states there are cancer causing agents.

There has never been any scientific evidence stating that there is no substantiated brain damage caused by cannibas/marijuana.

Read this information on this link for all positive reasons to legalize marijuana and maybe you can make a more educated decision:


As Usual

As usual, Ms. Jennifer, rather than stick to a disagreement using decency, you just call somebody names. Very typical in these arguments.

I will not stoop to that level and call you names, but you obviously did not read the FULL studies from Duke.

So, a study from Duke is "propaganda," but stuff from NORML is not?

Plus, you better re-read how you structured this sentence in your post:

"There has never been any scientific evidence stating that there is no substantiated brain damage caused by cannibas/marijuana."

As you wrote it, I agree.


Do you think that kids will smoke more reefer if its legal? LOL They will get it either way just like they do now. Lets tax the crap out of alcohol. More ppl drink than smoke. I don't do either.


From High Times
Marijuana use has positive attributes, such as its medical value and use as a recreational drug with relatively mild side effects.
Many people use marijuana because they have made an informed decision that it is good for them, especially Americans suffering from a variety of serious ailments. Marijuana provides relief from pain, nausea, spasticity, and other symptoms for many individuals who have not been treated successfully with conventional medications. Many American adults prefer marijuana to the use of alcohol as a mild and moderate way to relax. Americans use marijuana because they choose to, and one of the reasons for that choice is their personal observation that the drug has a relatively low dependence liability and easy-to-manage side effects. Most marijuana users develop tolerance to many of marijuana’s side effects, and those who do not, choose to stop using the drug. Marijuana use is the result of informed consent in which individuals have decided that the benefits of use outweigh the risks, especially since, for most Americans, the greatest risk of using marijuana is the relatively low risk of arrest.

Let's see, should we believe

Let's see, should we believe "High Times," a magazine that makes big money by promoting pot, or the prestigious Duke University Medical School that says there are serious issues regarding the use of pot?

The people who tout the "medical benefits" of pot almost never use it for that reason. It's an excuse to get high.

I'm not even going to talk

I'm not even going to talk about all the benefits that marijuana could have on our economy, medically, etc. But given the state of the NC education system right now, I can't see how they could turn down money. Give the teachers their jobs back, pay them adequately, add the much needed arts back to the curriculum, get the students out of trailers and give them the education they need and deserve. Then you can complain about a cash crop (that does far more for the population than the local tobacco) that should have every right to be here.