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Do you think MLK's "dream" lives on in America today?

as long as the black man

as long as the black man uses his skin color as an excuse for everything and continues to call himself an African/ American when there are very few African /Americans living in this country today there will be racism , I have the blood of many different nationalities in me , and I am an AMERICAN period lets call our selves what we really are ,, Heinz 57 "s that's how I see it !


As long as we have William

As long as we have William Barber, the NAACP, the Democrat Party and the liberal media--yes, racism will be around for quite awhile. These people thrive on imaginary racism; they create racism. The last thing liberals want is for people to work for their own living, become independent and get along with their fellow man. Without their race pimping, these folks would have nothing to do. Totally shameful.


Racism is alive and well in our country. It is not as overt as it was in the past but it is still there. All one has to do it read the comments in this website to understand that.

I am optimistic about the future though. As older people age and pass away, I think the younger generations will not hold this antiquated thoughts as much as previous generations. We live in a great country, albeit with flaws, but things are better now than they have ever been.

Racism will continue to

Racism will continue to thrive in younger generations as long as they see their tax dollars wasted on career welfare recipients, the ones that refuse to learn our language and demand we cater to what is familiar to them, and their tax dollars are used to bring even more deadbeats into the world to steal, rob, rape and murder............yep....racism is here to stay.

It doesn't help when the

It doesn't help when the president, the media and so-called leaders of the black people continue to see racism where there is none.

Don't care one bit what that

Don't care one bit what that communist, plagarizing, whore-beating adulterer had to say.

It is alive but far to many

It is alive but far to many think its within government dependency. It is the freedom we enjoy as Americans, that is being destroyed by an America-hating bigot in the White House.

MLK Speech

First of all MLK is the worst most monotone speaker I have ever heard, and racism is as popular as ever, especially within the black community.


No! Thank goodness.

No! Thank goodness.

Dr, King disappointed...

Just Google: "We Cannot Blame the White People any Longer" by Dr. William Henry 'Bill' Cosby, Jr., Ed.D.

There is an explanation of the Dr. King's dream and what happened to it, right there. If you think this was just a random thing that Bill Cosby said, continue to research and determine what he said after that.

The Dream is alive and well for those who seek individual responsibility for it. If you own it, you'll achieve it.

Bill Cosby

look It up for gods sake. Bill Cosby never wrote that garbage.

Must I hold your hand?

Guest 10010...uh...go to official debunker of all urban legends. Dr. Cosby did indeed say it...and he has repeated, or a variation of it often. Are you an ostrich? Or does what he said strike a nerve? I laid it out for you as plain as could be. The planet earth is also round.