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Do you think NC should change the length of early voting?

Early Voting

Having been involved with several campaigns, it is very burdensome on the candidates and their volunteers to have to man the polls for such a long time. Candidates who don't work full time, are at a significant advantage over those who can't take time off from work. It is very easy to vote absentee if you don't think you can make it on election day or during the early voting period.

Why in the world would they

Why in the world would they want to do anything to discourage voter participation. It seemed for years all they did was complain about low voter turn-out so now they want to make it harder to cast your vote. My work / family schedule is very busy and I appreciate being able to and vote early when the polls are light and the lines aren't so long. Really we should change ELECTION DAY to a Saturday or Sunday imo. And what about casting a vote via text or web portal? Anything to increase voter participation I say!

I guess I'll never

I guess I'll never understand government efforts to make something harder than it has to be.