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Do you think NC should make it a felony to poach Venus Fly Traps?

Won't Help

Making something a felony won't stop people from doing it. Possessing a certain amount of heroin is a felony, and people still buy/sell/use it. Murder is a felony, yet people still kill people all the time. I think politicians need to strengthen our prison system and stop treating convicted prisoners like they're on a luxury vacation. Free room and board, internet, library, gym, 3 square meals a day.... sounds like a crowded hotel. If we could bring back true punishment, maybe the prison system wouldn't be so overcrowded. Chop off someones hand if they're caught stealing Venus Flytraps... That's the only way to freighten people not to do it. If you tell someone it's a felony to take a Venus Flytrap, most people won't care.


As long as certain DWIs and DUIs are not felonies than absolutely not.

Dumb and dumber

Just plain old dumb to make it a felony. Even dumber that so many of you actually voted for it in this poll. Have you so many of you lost your collective minds?

What crazy thing is going to be your next boutique felony law; running with scissors or perhaps leaving the toilet seat up?


With convicted, violent felons being paroled early due to overcrowding, it does not make sense to jail idiots that steal plants. Charge them $25,000.00 per plant and take away everything they own if they cannot pay the fine. This would end the majority of these thefts.

Making a crime against a

Making a crime against a plant as serious or more serious than a crime against a person, just doesn't seem right. I guess that is just a testament to the low value some people place on human lives.


I think our govt are just getting dumber. Come on now think about it. steal a plant its a felony. What's become of our fellow leaders. What an embarrassment!!!! Fix the crap that needs to be dealt with not a freaking plant. Have some common sense.


I can understand trying to preserve a species, but why is it harder to get measures passed to protect children than it is to get them for plants? It usually takes a tragedy and lots of media to have a bill that stops bullying, abuse and exploitation of kids. A felony? So that tax money can be used to provide public defender, trail and incarceration? Seems lame...someone's wife is on some committee to protect plants, she is now planning a cocktail party to celebrate their "victory". Why not sell seed packets at hallyburtan park's office for small profit to be used to install motion cameras around the plants? They sell these seeds pretty cheap in catalogs and you grow them in terrariums. Cut the demand for them .No offense to the math teacher, but this is a waste of time. What next posted guards on our tax dime?

Yeah, the jails ain't full

Yeah, the jails ain't full enough already.

Making it a felony to take a

Making it a felony to take a plant. Craziest thing I have ever heard. Only in NC and probably a Republican idea.


Of course, this is only in NC. It's the only place - in the world - where these plants grow naturally. Okay, northern SC is included as well.

If useless POS idiots would leave the plants alone, there wouldn't be any need for penalties, would there?

I really don't care one bit which political party they belong to.

Probably a Democrat that

Probably a Democrat that stole the fly traps in the first place. If it is free we want it. Is that not the Democrat motto?

Maybe you can go back from

Maybe you can go back from where you came from after we pass it.