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Do you think a new CEO will lead to improvements at the Wilmington Housing Authority?

drug testing all occupants

drug testing all occupants WILL help. I have to pass drug tests to be able to work to be taxed to pay for these places. They should have to be able to pass drug tests to live in them. Thank you

striking statement

65% of those polled feel she will not improve the WHA. Only 25% feel she can make a difference.

She's drawing $165,000 which is significantly more than her predecessor. She has a 3 year contract.

Hopefully she understands taxpayers are tired of conditions.

Hopefully the poll results will be incorrect.

She needs to hit the ground hard; and likely wear kevalar if she visits the projects.


These communities need better and improved living environments Charlotte housing is twenty times better than Wilmington its time we step it up!!! It doesn't look good for the visitor's in this city in the down town area i fear my safety and if we improved with better living environments this town would be a better place