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Do you think this new city/county initiative to fight gang violence will work?

gang violence

I do not think the gang violence crack down will work because not all of the "people" will work together with the police department. They want the violence to stop yet will not do the very thing that will help to eliminate it.

I think the program will

I think the program will work temporarily but will not have a long term impact unless it becomes a permanent police unit. Spraying for bugs once or twice will not make them go away - they'll always come back.

Success may depend on how

Success may depend on how serious the effort will be and how it will be pressured by political correctness.
It will not succeed until the neighborhoods decide they have had enough.


Police have their hands full with other issues, so this effort is a good thought but won't be well executed. The gangs provide structure and leadership for people who see no other way out of their situation. Non-members see OGs driving very nice cards and flashing lots of cash and look up to that. EVERYONE in the community needs to band together.
The other bit of nonsense is this "wall of silence" that victims in certain neighborhoods put up, but then complain when cops "don't do nothing." Either you want to end the problem or you are so used to living under the threat of violence that you want to perpetuate that you don't want to know anything different.

The only way to deal with a

The only way to deal with a rabid animal is to destroy it.


It will not work because of the infighting between the Chief and Sheriff on who will be in control.

Problem is deep-rooted

Unfortunately, the problem with Wilmington and gangs has developed over time and is a societal problem that a task force might be able to address but not stop. The problem is dysfunctional families with no engaged or absent parents that create a void that children fill with pseudo-families - gangs. Gangs bring a sense of belonging and family but also crime and violence. To break this cycle, people in Wilmington need to take accountability for the actions and become parents and engaged with THEIR society. This is not easy since we now have become a society that expects everybody else - government, police, social services - to fix our problems and don't see that it's our personal responsibilities. Getting past this first issue will be the biggest challenge to stop the violence created by our disillusioned and violent youth.

There is a corrupt culture

There is a corrupt culture here. And no amount of tax money nor government programs can fix that. Its pure window dressing


ITS NOT THE CULTURE IS CORRUPT ITS BAD PARENTS.... plain and simple parents that refuse to take responsibility for there kids upbringing and know noting of what they do they become criminals and we all know criminals dont listen to any laws....
you really want to stop gang viol.. use the rico act on all of them one commits a crime they all get the same charge and go to jail period that simple if they were serious about it this would be the one way it wuold work 100%.....