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Do you think New Hanover Co. and Wilmington need an independent citizens' police review board as the NAACP suggests?

NAACP go home!

The NAACP comes to our town because black thugs were killed. As we all already know if these same thugs had been white or mexican and killed no group would be coming here to look over our citiy's records of the incidents.
Go back from where you came from!! As long as these gang members keep shooting officers, robbing restaurants with guns etc they will get shot--IF-- they don't obey law enforcement and put their weapons down and lie on the ground to be cuffed.
Get over it.

It's obcene

It's obscene to even ask this question. Why should we waste time paying attention to a money-grabbing racial opportunist?

I have always felt that

I have always felt that private citizens should be part of a review board when the actions of officers are in question, regardless of whether it is a shooting or the colors of those involved. The present method with cops reviewing cops makes the outcome quite predictible in most every case. However, in the most recent cases, I don't feel an investigation is even warranted, but is standard procedure which must be followed.

too bad the cops dont shoot

too bad the cops dont shoot more of them we have less problems


The NAACP needs to police up its own [i.e.: colored people] instead of lashing out at law enforcement for doing their jobs. Stand up and become part of the solution to the crime and violence in the area and give the police less to contend with.

Why don't we....

Just go after the criminals whatever color they may be and just get them off the streets of Wilmington? Don't let up WPD, just stay tough and take back your town from these morons!

Do we need to police the police?

The reason police and law enforcement agencies are having to use force with these thugs is they keep committing crimes and are not afraid of the law. Until law enforcement officers take charge, these crimes will continue. I commend our police and sheriff's department officers and I am sure when they are being fired upon they would be more than happy to change places with the people who keep criticizing them.

The NAACP should be asking

The NAACP should be asking for a citizens review board not for the police but for the people committing crimes in New Hanover County. If the people in these communities cooperated with the police there would be no problems. Sadly this will not happen.

Wrong Focus

The NAACP should be focused more on the gang activity that is pervading certain communities in Wilmington. It is that activity and the resulting crime that is drawing response from the Police Department. The Police are responding to CRIMINAL acts and are reacting and responding accordingly!


Why does this organization still use the terminology "Colored People"
in the title? I thought that this name was supposed to be offensive and racist.


NAACP offers no support but is more than willing to make this a publicity stunt to better their own cause and not to acutually help the people of Wilmington.


Instead of working in the neighborhoods to bring down the trouble, as always they want to blame everyone else.. if they really wanted to help they would be there after school to work with the kids.. but it seems that does not keep the organization in power or the money.

Barber and the black

Barber and the black community should deal with black crime. Why it is rampant. Does Barber expect the police to not return fire when fired upon? If he does he should take his idiot self back where he came from and continue to shake down corporations as he learned from Jesse Jackson.

Young Thugs

Where are the parents?????????????
Where was the NAACP when the blacks shot the delivery driver?
Where was the NAACP when the 4 black shot the white boy?
Who are they, the NAACP to say a darn worn?
If the brother point a gun at me, their last sight is a red laser.
Why do we put up with the fat NAACP pres or whatever he is and his comments. Get off his fat butt and help the brothers. Yeah, Blame others.
Take a hike jerk!

listen up! naacp

The naacp needs to put their focus on the black population to get off their butts and be a positive roll model to society instead of the thugs on the street attacking, robbing and breaking into homes of white people and people who carry their weight in society. Are you listening naacp folks?

No surprise

I wonder why the naacp isn't calling for an investigation as the why the black youth in Wilmington are dealing drugs, committing robberies and shooting other black youth.

Oh, I know, there isn't any payday in going after black youth. How much money do you think they will want to go away?

Re Surprise

The NAACP does not care about anything other than bleeding money from the brainwashed and uninformed. Their same old soundbites sound eerily close to the same gibberish the politicians roll out at election time.....and yeah, the politicians have their hands out also. The saddest part is under both circumstances......NOTHING CHANGES.

Young black youth isn't the

Young black youth isn't the only one dealing drugs,committing robberies and shooting others. Maybe an investigation need to be on you. Respect is do to everyone. GOD made all of us..........