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Do you think New Hanover Co. should dip into its reserve fund to help those affected by gov't shutdown?

I think with the economy

I think with the economy roaring back and the lowering unemployment rate and free healthcare from Dear Leader the single mothers should be doing great without more money confiscated from me.

Let them starve

Lets not help... Brunswick county day cares that are state food funded like ( For Kids Only in Shallotte ) can go a few weeks without food. Those kids relly dont need to eat right now. Make the parents pack their lunch, oh wait they state will not allow that because of food allergies and whatnot unless they have a note from a dr. And dont worrie I dont work there but I do have family members who have children there and this is starting to be a fear for them. So to those who say no handout's, do you even know what handouts they are talking about? Some of you are just stupid sheep.

Re: Let them Starve

Do me a favor, instead of commenting on letting these innocent children starve why do you get of your lazy butt and try to help them out, I bet you haven't missed a meal yet. Why don't you and your family go with out a Twinkie between your greedy little fingers and see how it feels to starve. Its not their fault the government is ran but ignorant fools like you! That's why the country is in half the trouble its in!

And yes the reason i fight

And yes the reason i fight for charity is because i know how it feels to be hungry...i delt with it for many years as a child. So Rod please re-read my first post. I was not asking to starve children But making a point to how these others sound in their rants.

Please read into my words

When I say let them starve it was being pompis. I host a non profit out of my home ( i make no money from the 10-15 hours i spend on my own time after work ) please take the time to read the whole post before you jump on me. Im FOR CHARITY and giving need funds.

Feel the pain!

That's what the GOP wants: feel the pain, people. Insure that our rich friends get theirs, but let the poor and middle class suffer.

Remember in November and vote them out!

Funds for those hurting from gov shutdown

It is President Obama that is trying to get people behind him by causing so much pain. He refuses to negotiate on any offers made by Republicans. Past Presidents, including Bill Clinton, did not take this stubborn stance. There are just as many "rich" people in the Democratic party as in the Republican party, and our Congress enjoys more pay and benefits than ever imagined in the Constitution. If you want to "vote" them out, you need to consider voting many out from both parties.


But the Democrats don't bend over backwards to give tax breaks to the wealthiest 1%.

And I love it that you put the word "vote" in quotation marks!!! You're making my point for me.

Get Real!!!!

If we took all the money that is given to people from the Federal Government who don't deserve it/need it, we would have enough money to provide for all the funds that are lacking because of the shutdown. Don't pass the blame. Blame the people that take and take and take when they really don't deserve the funds and don't work for it. Everyone can work at doing something. Even the disabled/handicapped can make products that can be sold for profit why can't you? Stop waiting for the handout and give a handup!

if we take the over 100,00

if we take the over 100,00 billions that bush wasted on the war in afgahanistan , we need to stop wasting our moeny other wars,

I really think this

I really think this government shutdown is crazy. The government should be helping the families that really need it, not these families that just sit on the butts and collect money, then u also have these families that do drugs and fugitives that get more help then others. Definitely the crackheads. My services are getting cut from dss to help get my little girl home. The goverment needs to stop putting all these unnecessary buildings and stuff up. And they need to look at what is important. there not there not enough handouts already being given away? Everybody that works should save enough to get through a couple weeks or even months if for some reason they lose their jobs. The government has only been shut down a week and people are already squealing like stuck pigs. Be a little more responsible, don't take on so many obligations that you live from check to check. And, don't reward those who are irresponsible for being that way.

assistance for federal employees furloughed

Whoever wrote Jeez, write it again. This country us run by a bunch of idiots who act more like second or third graders. They were elected to go to Washington to run an efficient government, but it seems the only thing they are interested in is their own agenda and lining their own pockets and the pockets of those who lead irresponsible lives.

Remember this in 2014 and STOP sending the same nuts back to Washington that are there now and that have been there far too long. It does not matter what party they belong to, send them home and send anyone with new, reasonable ideas. This would tend to leave out the tea partyers. TERM LIMITS WOULD BE GREAT: if 2 four year terms is good for the President, it should be good for Congress and the Senate.


Stop giving to everyone. No social security, No Medicare. NOTHING!!! No food stamps, No military NOTHING!!!

That is just such a stupid thing to say !

Like extremists from both sides of the isle, you have lost the ability to use common sense.

It's not our place to judge

It's not our place to judge others but to help others that are in need.

With that said, it's doesn't mean it has to be a hand out but help them out but set it up to have them repay the loan once the furlough is over.

Can I get an "AMEN".

Can I get an "AMEN".