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Do you think New Hanover Co. should have given Carolina Beach $500,000 for boardwalk improvements?

No I would much rather use

I would much rather use many tens of thousands, of county taxpayer dollars, to pay for Darius Hester's medical bills, and legal expenses. (The criminal, who tried to murder a deputy).

Why do we need nice things, like walkway, and parks, for our citizens, and visitors, when we can spend millions, on indigent, criminal thugs, who drain the Emergency Room, and the Courthouse ?

$500,000 Grant to CB from NHC

Does Lewis know what he is talking about or it is some more of his Hot Air? Ask him to provide you exact figures (dollar amounts) and where they are coming from. I think I will bid on the job and bid exactly how much money the town is advertising they have to do the Boardwalk Project. How much input have the citizens had the opportunity to be involved in? With the million dollar pool at the bottom of the list, this Boardwalk Project shoul be next to the bottom. Find a place for all the Operations Personnel and equipment and STOP paying $3,500.00 a month for rent that could be the Mortgage Payment on much needed pooperty, to include a location for the Dumpsters. Where are their PRIORTIES? Thank you New Hanover County Commissioners and Staff.

since the BW

Is so "localized" the affects are localized as well.
The main driver of tourism is the beaches NOT the BW.
CB should have ponied up half that amount at least.


I disagree Vog.

The Carolina Beach boardwalk is a nice tourist driver as well as the beaches. Try coming down on Thursdays for free entertainment and fireworks show. We do it every week and draw huge crowds. The weekends are packed with kids on the rides and other activities on the BW. The BW has evolved into a really nice family venue now and attracts a lot of people from spring all the way into late fall. As I understand it, the upgrades will cost in excess of a million clams, half of which IS being supplied by local CB funding.

This will be money well spent.

I feel it in mee bones!

cb boardwalk


And, please remember this

And, please remember this too, Carolina Beach provides lifeguards!