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Do you think New Hanover Co. should put deputies at elementary schools?


Putting police officers in places really works. Look how it has cut down on the thefts from Walmart. Look how it's cut down on crime in Creekwood and down town Wilmington. What's that you say? It hasn't? Oh, my bad.

deputies at elementary schools

All school sites should have armed guards.

Instead of asking the

Instead of asking the ridiculous questions that you did. Why not ask the people how they would make our children and teachers safer? They have tags on clothing in almost every store. Devices to monitor. We have the technology to put at entrances. We have the lottery to fund LICENSED officers to protect the entrances. We have dogs trained. I'm totally dumbfounded to think that someone would suggest having our teachers armed. Why not drills, automatic doors, cameras, monitors, guards, stiff sentences for those who carry firearms on the premises. I pray to God that someone with some sense would think about our children and teacher's safety as much as they should. It is very sad this had to happen to make officials protect our most precious commodity. I also pray no one else gets hurt before they put in place the things that should have been there long ago.