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Do you think New Hanover County Commissioners have the power to remove Brian Berger from office?

two guest111

I did the comment about election. There is someone else using my name who posted 'Berger'. There seems to be two guest111 names. hmmm


So easy. . . will cost a bit, tho. . . have an election to remove him. It would be quick and final. Monies are going to have to be spent anyway. . get the ball rolling and lets have an election. He can fight the way it's going now until his term is up and beyond. Probably will sue the county anyway.


The voters should be the ones to remove him in a democratic election.

Won't happen (Legally, that is).

An obscure old "common law" that hasn't been used in over 100 years has no legal power or jurisdiction in today's world. If the other commish's thought they could've used this to get Berger out, they would've done it a long time ago.
I'm not a fan of Berger or his antics by any means, but this action clearly shows the bullying mindset and desperation of the other commissioners. They made it obvious they didn't like him from day one, have hammered, picked on and publicly humiliated Berger at every opportunity.
I'd love to see each and every one of them ousted at the next election, they all SUCK as do their useless efforts to do anything productive for this county! Who will they blame for their inept efforts when Berger is gone? You can bet there'll be a scapegoat somewhere close by!

Brian Berger...REMOVE!

Yes, the city council should have the power to remove Berger...WITH the backing of the voters. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to stand in the way of this process of democracy. He has wasted more taxpayers time and money with his shinnanigans.(His tardiness is ridiculous...a highschool student woud be reprimanded and possibly punished for being tardy top class!) Irresponsibility...dereliction of duty...misappropriation of funds (thru the time wasted in meetings arguing his effectiveness) and total disregard of respect of his position.
Let time march on in his absence and fill his sit with a far more effective and respectable person.

It's not the City Council's

It's not the City Council's business as to whether Brian Berger goes or stays, he is a County Commissioner.

City council?

Brian Berger is a County Commissioner. The City council does not have a say in this matter. The State Government should allow recall elections where if 2/3's of the registered voters sign a petition, then an elected official can be removed from office via a special election. It should not be up to fellow Commissioners (Woody White) because of their own agendas. White needs to shut up or resign himself.

already known

they have no direct power to remove him.

They can request an outside action to remove him. There ends their authority