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Do you think New Hanover County should have to pay for Brian Berger's legal fees?

I believe the "3 stooges"

I believe the "3 stooges" (White, Dawson, and Wolfe) should have to foot the bills for Berger since it was their witch hunt that the taxpayers may have to foot the bill for, that would give these wreckless politicians a reality check, the fact the money was going to actually come out their pockets instead of their neighbors.


And whomever Moe Howard is in this group of political has-beens...he should bust both his Eye Gouging Fingers showing themselves ..."What For"!!!


BUT HELL NO! Wish there was a way to make him pay the County's attorney fees.

Enough money has been spent

Enough money has been spent trying to get rid of this guy. We must vote him out.


Woody White started this mess, he should be responsible for 50% of all costs. Wolfe and Dawson should be responsible for 25% each. Then all three of them should resign after being required to kiss Brian Bergers.............(use your imagination)!!!!!!!

well they republicans

well they republicans


At less they are not Democrats, THANKS

You have a Point

Sure, at least they're NOT far left-wing loon Democrats, but the so-called conservative, Constitutionalists FORGOT that only WE have the RIGHT to Vote Berger the HELL Out Of Office in November by issuing him a swift kick in his late-arrival pants.

NO ONE Speaks for me, Republican or Democrat when it comes to issuing my VOTE!!!

Who the Hell do they THINK they are? People like WW and clowns are ruining the ethos of the Party.

well they republicans"

Amin't sure what you meen......