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Do you think North Carolina needs tougher laws for puppy mills?

Puppy mills in NC

I totally agree that there should be better laws to regulate these disgusting breeding practices where financial gain is the only goal.

I know many hunters who raise dogs that have rallied (individually and in clubs) against more regulations for fear that they'll lose their rights to breed their best dogs. Most hunters treat their hunting dogs very well and afford the best of care for them. I think there would be a better chance to enact laws that protect the rights of all animals, including those raised for profit, if we would provide better information to the public on specifics of proposed regulations.

Please consider our furry

Please consider our furry friends instead of the money. Scientist have concluded that animals have the same feelings as humans. Those poor puppies locked in those cages, walking on wire, no love, not enough food and never even walking on the outside. What if you were locked away like that, how would your feelings make you feel? There is not enough money in the world that would make me not vote to stop these horrific abuses!!

PLEASE listen to your hearts

PLEASE listen to your hearts and help us crack down on and get
rid of puppy mills in North Carolina!!

Follow the money

Politics...ah, follow the money; check out who lobbies to keep from passing legislation to protect innocent puppies. Who else would be effected?? BREEDING? Uh, let's see...what other animals which bring in a lot more money than puppies would also be protected? Ur, might it be pigs? cows?.....FOLLOW THE MONEY.

At the time of this comment

At the time of this comment there were 27 votes for Don't know/Don't care. Why is this even an option??? Why would someone vote if they "Don't know/Don't care"?

I voted YES (which frankly I am amazed that there are so many No votes). I realize that these people will still exist even with tougher laws, but they should make it easier to punish these people when they are caught and even if it deters just one person from engaging in this activity it is worth it!

Tougher laws for Puppy Mills

There should absolutely be tougher laws on puppy mills. Any one who could do this to a poor defenseless animals should be placed in the same living environment as well as charged a huge fine. I mean as much as they charge for the Animals without putting very much of the money back into the Animals on food let along medical . YES they should have to pay for the cruelty the poor Animals suffer. Anyone that doesn't agree or doesn't care are with out a heart.

Puppy Mills in NC

I think NC needs major improvement in closing down the puppy mills. It makes the state look bad that they cannot get a handle on this problem or their don't care attitude.

They pay more in the end with bad publicity when we are lucky enough to get one of these puppy mills busted.

Same goes with the dog fighting. Just ashame.

Puppy Mills in NC

Puppy mills are abuse in the very same way as dog fighting, as torturing an animal and should be stopped no matter what it takes. These are innocent, defenseless creatures and I am so ashamed at this state's attitude towards protecting animals, it's like their lives, the pain inflicted on them by humans for a buck, just doesn't matter. The punishment for this behavior should make a statement, these people are abusers and they should spend time in jail, pay back whatever facility was decent enough to give these precious lives the medical care they need when humans severely neglect them, and then pay a fine; in this most recent case, maybe a $10,000 fine would make an impression; if they don't pay, take their tax returns, lein their property and when money IS received from an offender, give it to the very needy shelters in this state that have so little for the animals, we should all be ashamed!! Animals are gifts from God and their lives count.
~~A society can be judged by the way it treats it's animals. ~~Ghandi

Better Regulations Will Work

The current regulations are far too weak on pet breeding and the punishments for animal cruelty are extremely light.

One of the most important improvements would be regular, unannounced inspections on commercial breeding operations.
And for those found to be operating without a license, an immediate shutdown.

Shutting down puppy mills is a shutdown we need.

North Carolina Puppy Mills

Anyone that will not vote to shut down all puppy mills are heartless for letting these sorry individuals that will not work for a living but is asking an innocent victim, the mother dog to do all their work for them. My suggestion is to oust ALL the elected politicians from office that supports this heartless act. WE THE VOTERS, need to personally call all of our candidates and ask which side of the fence they are on regarding this issue, then go vote. God bless the innocent ones.

puppy mills

I think we should make the rules as stringent as possible with regular inspections (that the breeder pays for) This would drive the expense of buying one of these over bred specimens up making it more attractive to adopt a pet from the humane society. there are so many good dogs that would flourish in a loving home that are otherwise destroyed due to human apathy. besides mixed breed dogs usually live longer healthier lives because the genetic defects are not as concentrated as they are in the pure breeds. Think about it folks are why are you getting a dog in the first place is it for show or for companionship? Is it for your kids to have the experience of having a pet? You can get a mixed breed dog with pretty much any temperament you desire.
If 50% of the people that buy from these mills would adopt instead it would go along way in helping solve the problem of strays and abused or unwanted animals.
Please consider this before buying a puppy.
I had a collie shepard mix growing up this dog was so gentle it would pickup the kittens in the driveway in its mouth and move them to the yard so they would be safe and always kept an eye on my six brothers and sisters and me as we ran all over the farm. I will never forget that dog. Isn't that the kind of memories that you want for your kids?

animal cruelty

NC definitely needs protection for ALL its animals: dogs, cats, horses. Humane treatment for non-domesticated animals also: such as pigs, cows, goats, feathered friend.

puppy mill bill

It's time that our State representatives get with the times & start to protect animals. Pass the puppy mill bill.It's time to wake up. This is what we expect of you.

Puppy Mills

Please pass the Pupyy Mill Bill!

tougher laws for NC to regulate puppy mills

NC voters and taxpayers have spoken loud and clear- they want tougher laws to regulate puppy mills. WE WILL NEVER GET THEM WITH SENATOR RABON IN RALEIGH. If this puppymill raid sickens you like it does me, remember it when you vote for Senator. The puppy mill bill MUST pass our Senate before we will ever get tougher laws passed and they refused to even hear the bill on the Senate floor again this year.

New laws are useless...

...without adequate application or enforcement of sentencing. We have active, violent Felons that are released into OUR society on a daily basis that walk among us every day continuing to commit robbery, rape and murder, some almost the very day they get out. You read about them every day.

Puppy mill laws? Yeah right! Good in concept, a failure in application. An even bigger failure in reality! Law is only applicable to those that abide by it. People that have the propensity to treat little puppies like this don't even care about their nasty toilets, much less anything living.

regulating puppy mills

We are so behind the times on this subject.
We can pass laws to leash our pets but we cant pass a law to regulate breeders?
Write and / or call your state representatives tell them to pass House bill #930 to regulate breeders. This is only to protect the dogs, and stop these despicable puppy mills.
Animals are relying on humans to care for them and protect them.
Make that call, write or email your state reprentatives!

Regulating Puppy Mills

This situation is long overdue in being addressed and
stricter laws created to prevent yet another 100
innocent animals subjected to starvation, mistreatment
and possible death. Don't understand the reluctance
to do what is morally right - protecting innocent
animals. What are you waiting for?


Yes, I live in Lancaster County, PA, the puppy mill capitol of the world but the more I see and hear what goes on in the south, I wonder if Lancaster County really is. Keep plugging away. It will never be perfect but maybe some things can change. What bugs me is that different townships and counties can set up local rules like not allowing pets to run free, where pets are taken if they are found, what fine will be imposed for whatever, but they don't seem to care unless the animals are bothering them personally. Out of sight, out of mind. I can't believe that even 3% of the people voted 'Don't know, don't care'......They must be the legislators. L