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Do you think Oak Island should ban dogs on the beach?

Keep the dogs and their

Keep the dogs and their owners happy on Long Beach. Don't let a few spoiled sports ruin a wonderful tradition.

There already laws on the

There already laws on the books. They just need to be enforced.

How about a beach for people

How about a beach for people with dogs and a beach for people without dogs?


.........what they should ban is people without dogs.

Other Animals on Beach

How'd you like it if we that own horses brought them with us to romp and play on the beach and letting their bowels fly loose anytime they please not to mention urinating. If you happened along stepping in either sure you wouldn't be pleased. For that matter what if we took the diapers off our young babes and allowed them to pee and poop on the beach and you came along and stepped in it or even, God forbid spread your beach towel over it as you were busy trying to hold on to it as the wind was blowing?
Maybe you are one of the few that do pick up your animal's poop but if so you are one of the few and far in between. I have had many dogs over the years and back when I could take them to Wrightsville Beach I always picked up after them. But unfortunately those that don't spoil it for the rest of the folks as usual.

I didn't know that dogs posted here

Enuf said.

I've been around here since

I've been around here since 1967and i think dogs should be allowed on the beach under control of the owner on a leash. The beach is big enough for everyone! Maybe some people shouldn't be allowed on the beach!

As a dog owner we always

As a dog owner we always pick up after our dogs. Just wish that beach goers would pick up after themselves.

Do you think Oak Island should ban dogs on the beach?

As a 12 year resident of Oak Island and new dog owner, I am very much against the ban on dogs on the beach. My pup loves running (on her leash) on the beach, splashing in the puddles and rolling in the sand. Instead of banning the dogs, why doesn't some one enforce the rules already in place. Prior to owning a dog, I can not count the number of people that did not have their dog on a leash (I'm talking April through September) and did not clean up after them. Why punish responsible pet owners because of the ignorant people that should have dogs in the first place. Common sense would tell you that if your dog is aggressive, don't bring it around people. It's the same old story in society, the good and responsible suffer because of the bad and irresponsible.

Dogs on Carolina Beaches

No dogs should be allowed to be on the beaches. We pay too much money for hotels and the rest to be walking through dog waste. The dogs aren't paying for the trip are they? No one can scrape up all of the droppings for a dog without leaving some residue. Multiply that by hundreds of droppings and now you have beaches that have become dog toilets. It's not fair. Carolina is known for it's beautiful beaches, what has happened here?

Have a little OCD thing going on there?

Better check yourself better after visiting the terlett! No telling what residual you're leaving behind. Geeeeezzz...

Dogs on Oak Island

No dogs should be allowed on any of the Carolina Beaches. How does one pick up dog urine? The beaches are getting saturated with dog droppings and urine. My grand kids play in that sand and also, we've been going to Carolina Beaches for over 50 yrs. I have NEVER seen the sand fleas worse than now. Most of our family canceled their vacation here due to the dirty condition of the sand; not to mention the bacteria. Dogs are not humans. Kids and families should always come first. Who wants to vacation in a dog toilet? Keep the dogs confined to a designated area.

How does anyone oick up all

How does anyone oick up all the people urine, and the cigarette butts, and all the other garbage people like yourself leave behind, there was animals roaming the beach way before you or I, and I for 1 would rather share the beach with nice pets than 99% of the tourist and northern squatters.

Oh No Not Another Rule

It is already well understood when and how dogs are allowed on the beach and for the most part, there are very few incidents. What we need is for everyone to simply use a little common sense so that responsible dog owners are not punished for a few folks who will never follow rules anyway. Please No More Rules !!!

No need to ban the dogs, but...

...put them on a leash, maintain control and promptly clean up after them. If the first sign of aggression is seen from your dog, take it home immediately! Problem solved...

Not all owners...

Not all owners think the way you do, though. I personally watched a woman allow her dog to crap less than 10 feet from my camp site on the beach, then not clean it up, even after I said something to her this weekend.
It makes perfect sense to clean up after your pet in a setting where people are barefoot and children are digging in the sand, but most dog owners on the beach just brush sand over it and move on.
I have a dog who absolutely loves the beach and I love taking her! But I also keep her leashed, carry waste bags, and am mindful of the weather before I take her out. I do what a responsible owner does, many people do not. The town should implement and ENFORCE a fine system to discourage this type of irresponsible behavior.

You are correct!

And it's those care-nothing people that will ruin it for everyone. I was threatened into a fight because I asked 3 drunks to pick up their pile of cigarette butts as they exited the beach this weekend. Same trashy, careless mentality!