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Do you think that oak trees along the Market Street Canopy should be removed?

Older poll results/comments ....

Thought I'd pass this along:

Anyone interesting in reading the comments from older polls that no longer appear on WWAY's current web page can view them at the link below.


It's not the trees that

It's not the trees that kill, its the crazy drivers that kill. Learn how to drive and stay off the phone! Leave the trees alone!

The guy driving down Market

The guy driving down Market St. a couple of months ago who's VW was smashed by a falling oak tree was neither texting nor off the road. Most of the trees along that stretch are old and diseased and are falling because of their condition, not by careless or reckless drivers.



You can be sure when the right limb or tree hits the right car there will be a tremendous lawsuit filed. These trees have outlived their value and are impeding bringing Market street up to a current level of necessity for driving. It's not safe, at all, to drive down Market with all the traffic, the speeding and the closeness of the vehicles to each other. You can't have it both ways but I'm sure it will stay until tragedy hits.



slow down and enjoy

If you can't drive without speeding, texting, talking on the phone, singing, eating or napping...then, this is NOT the route for you. And those of us who live downtown rather you just stay in the suburbs. But, if you can slow down, take in the scenery, enjoy the history that is Wilmington...then drive down Market through the canopy toward the river. Enjoy it...and please, stop complaining about everything that makes Wilmington special...first it was the fountain, now the canopy...let's just pave paradise and put up a parking lot.

Those trees have been here

Those trees have been here longer than any of us. To cut them down to accommodate traffic is outrageous. Decrease the speed limit if necessary, trim them if necessary, adjust that narrow section from 4 to 2 lanes if necessary...but don't remove them all together.

Another Market street hazard

Everyone hollers growth growth growth.
Then, when that growth impedes or affects a quaint historical "thing" in town the historians and naturalists start hollering as well.

These trees are too close to a major road and are dying - probably from the excessive carbon monoxide.
Then there's the fountain further down the road.

We unfortunately need to make a decision or two here. The city has obviously grown far more than anticipated by those who donated he fountain and planted those trees.

Please, in the interest of public safety remove those trees and widen Market street in that area. Then remove the fountain and relocate it - possibly to Bellamy Mansion.
I'm aware of the historical significance of structures and their preservation but for both situations these tress and that fountain pose a significant hazard to motorists who are residents of Wilmington and visitors.
Save the fountain by moving it......remove the trees and encourage private planting of majestic oaks. We can grow and at the same time remain "historic".



Have you lived here all your life or did you move here because you"love" the place? Don't try to change everything we love about the city. Couldn't you do a little changing yourself? Slow down and enjoy life a little. It's not always how fast you can get somewhere but how much you enjoy getting there.

Beautiful but a hazard to

Beautiful but a hazard to drivers. All of them should be removed to widen that section of Market Street and no more planted. Just like the World's Largest Living Christmas Tree - their time has come from the old horse and buggy days. We need to move forward to improve the ever increasing traffic problems in the city, especially with the much larger vehicles on the road today. You can't have it both ways.


oak trees

Jer ,
your a idiot ,
move back up state , that would help cut down on the traffic ,,,
Happy holidays to you and the family

There is no link between

There is no link between those trees and history except that history shows us that people often die for the silliest of reasons. Yes, if a tree cannot be trimmed so that it's not a threat to drivers and pedestrians, it should be removed as soon as possible. Freezing us in someone's naive idea of what "the past" looked like is just plain ignorant. The world changes, even our little part of it, all the time. Nostalgia should not be the basis for public policy.

Who's being 'naive and

Who's being 'naive and ignorant' here?


Those that are from here or

Those that are from here or have read the history of wilmington know they are part of its history. There was a reason the road is so narrow and the trees are to make the "canopy." I do think if they are decayed/dead, then they need to be cut. But don't think it's "ignorant" and no one is frozen in the past. Its simply called preserving and respecting history. If we were "frozen" in time, we'd be riding in a horse and buggy, but we're not are we?

Trees in town

Most areas damaged by weather, have new growth trees. Grown on top of reclaimed trash dumps. With Neighborhoods sold to those who don't know the history of their new home. The American way.

All of them close to Market

All of them close to Market Street need to come down to make way for a new, safe, wide, modern roadway.

The Oak Trees along Market Street.

One of the most beautiful drives when going to the National Cemetary. If they are dead and about to fall down then yes take them down. But if they are not, then leave them alone...

The trees are absolutely

The trees are absolutely beautiful! The canopy creates a wonderful view going downtown. Maybe a trim will do. The "hazard" that was said they create is no more than the hazard Market Street itself creates. Leave them alone!

those sweet old trees

I agree! I was trying to remember, for some reason I was under the impression that one of the reasons for MLK Blvd. was to save those sweet old trees that line Market St. Over 30 years ago, I learned to drive my brother's big 4 x 4, down that street. Every work day for 25+ years I managed not to hit any trees or for that matter, light poles either. My children learned to drive past them on their way to NHHS, without incident. Praise! Not that many years ago, there were big rig trucks from the old Wilmington Coca-Cola that used Market St. daily! Wonder how many school bus drivers learned to managed it daily for years, however difficult. And yes, there have been many accidents, from the minor to the most devastating. Slow the speed down, trim them, manage them, if they are past being saved, remove them. It's not rocket science, folks...just saying!