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Do you think public school teachers should be exempt from personal state income taxes?


I wonder if Atkinson wanted the comment make public?
What she is implying is very "republican".
Don't give a raise - just eliminate some taxes.
Its kinda like the starve the beast mentality.
Cut taxes (everyone loves to cut taxes) but don't cut spending.
Win win for everyone.
Then later on austerians can say see "we're too far in debt -we HAVE to cut spending."

Of course this in itself is a feel good proposal. Cut taxes and make "education" seem more important.

Nah - this doesn't cut it with me.
Lets figure out where we want to go with education and fund it accordingly. Smirkey is making some changes but Id on't get any sense of overall direction as to where he hopes to end up. It's far better than just throwing money at it.
But as far as money goes his budget is bigger than Smileys and THAT in itself is a disappointment.
He could have funded the rainy day fund, and the BCBS thing with spending cuts but chose not to..........The state pension is on more solid footing because the stock market is so much better these days.......and its always been one of the better performing funds.
But politically speaking, it's an interesting move by Atkinson. Go with a GOP styled tax cut to give teachers a pay raise.......


Absolutely not! No one

Absolutely not! No one should be exempt from income tax. That type of mentality has led to current mess our county is currently struggling with. Anyone who thinks certain groups should be exempt or have different income tax rates should go crawl under rock and die.

Tax You

Them Jarheads up the road are exempt, all military is exempt, so why not teachers, or firemen? Ronald Reagan cut the first $30k for ballet dancers, because it was an ART, nevermind his son was a dancer, If anything, they should come up with a fair tax!


With English like that I see why you do not value teachers. They did not do anything for you.

A "FAIR" tax?

What is a "fair" tax? Those two words don't go together. Sounds like a square ball.

Excuse me, but when I was

Excuse me, but when I was one of "them jarheads up the road", I paid state tax. NC was only one of a few states that collected tax from active-duty soldiers. But at that time they did. Might have changed. Had no reason to check.


I think only pay they they receive in a hostile zone is exempt.

Teacher Income Taxes

As a method to raise effective salaries, absolutely. However, caps and limits should be in place in order to prevent abuse of the system. Perhaps an outright exemption on a base salary with anything above the base taxed at some level.

I'm willing to bet most of

I'm willing to bet most of you griping and complaining they get too much already couldn't last a week in a typical NC classroom. Regardless of subject or age level. Other countries put much more emphasis on education and teacher retention and it shows. We are being left in the dust.

Those poor pitiful teachers

Those poor pitiful teachers who get so much vacation time every year who make above the average salary for the state. If the job was so horrible and the pay was so bad, they wouldn't stay.

NC Teacher

AMEN. Teachers in North Carolina, heck the whole Country, are under paid and underappreciated. To many Parent's send their kids to school to be raised by the system as they have little desire to be real "Parents", thus pushing the problem on to your over worked Teachers, who end up pulling money out of their own pockets to pay for special treats and/or NEEDED items for their classes. North Carolina would do well to recognize their importance and while the elimination of taxes is unlikely a special tax credit is not. Work on it NC!

should school teachers be exempt from personal state taxes?

The School System and the State in general need to quit wasting money! Times are hard for a lot of people and they are not the only ones working multiple jobs to make ends meet! Teachers are important, but so are a lot of other professions: bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria workers, nurses and especially all the people in the military (most lose their life, fighting for us!) Why wouldn't these people be exempt as well?

Teachers exempt from state income tax

Absolutely not. They are already paid out of state income taxes. This idea is ludicrous.

School Teachers

My daughter is a teacher in Brunswick County. She has not had a raise in 4, maybe 5 years. She works very hard and is very dedicated to all of her students who are in the special ed classes. I believe that the teachers do not feel appreciated for all they do for the students. She has to work a second job to help make ends meet. She knew she would never "get rich" on a teacher's salary, but she should be able to make enough money to pay her expenses. Oh yes! She has been a teacher for 15 years now. I believe exempting teacher from state income tax, would not only help financially, but would help to keep good, dedicated teachers. There are so many looking elsewhere for employment in order to live modestly.

State Employees

Your information is not true they got a raise just recently as two years ago. Now, if you want to talk about other State employees then let's talk about the State Court Employees. They are the ones that have not had a raise in at least five years. AOC employees handle all of the court documents and work 40 hours a week. They put up with the indigent or so called indigent, rude, ugly, demanding and yes child like people from all over the counties here in North Carolina without as much even a thank you. Public service could not be described any better than this occupation.
Imagine if you were getting paid this year what you got paid in 2007'? Wouldn't like it would you? So the teachers here in North Carolina are a bunch of cry babies. My father was a teacher here in New Hanover County for over twenty years and you can't tell me he didn't know yes the teachers were underpaid but so are a lot of other people employed by the great State of North Carolina. Quit crying teachers and do your job just like everybody else!
Quit crying for your daughter and if she doesn't like the way she is getting paid let her join the private sector and work hard for a living!

And with the cuts they are

And with the cuts they are proposing in the state budget, the jobs of those in the AOC are about to get a lot harder.

In our society people think

In our society people think that hitting a ball deserves million dollar pay, but the teachers can't even get by and make ends meet even with a full 4 or 6 year college education. Shame on our government!

If you think that teachers

If you think that teachers have it bad, how do you think the people who don't make salaries above the state average feel? Everybody has it hard in these times, but the teachers in North Carolina make above the state's average salaries, so there are a whole lot of people out there worse off than the teachers. They just need to learn to live within their means like the rest of us do.

No Special Classes of Citizens

I have nothing against teachers, but the government should never create special classes of citizens; like those who are required to pay taxes and those who aren't. This is a very bad idea.

Omg. Can these folks just

Omg. Can these folks just find a new job and stop trying to get money given to them. Plz choose a profession you can live with 5 years later. You know the pay is low going in.

I agree that teachers should

I agree that teachers should take a job that when they signed their one year contract it stipulates by general statute that they will have a step increase every year. I am sure that most teachers would be fine to except there salary after five years as you state. Except the General Assembly every year or so, passes a law freezing the salary of teachers for that year. So maybe taking a job that promises a pay increase every year, and once taking that job not seeing a pay increase for five years might make a reasonable person a little disgruntled.

Exempt from personal state

Exempt from personal state income tax, NO!! Where do you draw the line!!! If you want to give anyone a exemption from paying personal state income taxes try starting with the military.

This idea must of "slipped

This idea must of "slipped out" ofJune atkinsons mouth just like Bev perdues comment about canceling congressional elections in North Carolina. Think about the actual impact of this...sure teachers will take home more money, which is a good thing, but North Carolina will continue to have low teacher salaries and will still look bad compared to other states. The idea is not only to give teachers a raise but also to achieve a higher national ranking.

How about the state find some extra money to give the good ones a raise and incentives for highly qualified istructors to move to nc?

Better yet just move to

Better yet just move to Florida no state income tax for everyone

Teacher Pay

Have you seen the salary that some of these teachers are making??? Unreal for 10 months already. Check it for yourself....Plus, seems to me like alot of them are getting some pretty nice "on the side benefits" too.

The teachers on this board

The teachers on this board don't seem to realize that they do make above the average salary in North Carolina. So what if they have to take a second job to make ends meet. We all have our crosses to bear and there are a lot of us out here who are not teachers who are taking on second jobs just to keep our heads above water. They really should be grateful they have jobs, especially considering all the court personnel who will not have jobs on July 1 and those 600 people who work for Dak who will be out of jobs in the fall. I guess they also don't realize that the state and federal governments even get their cuts from unemployment benefits. I hope they never have to apply for Medicaid. And I hope the ones who have kids never have to apply for free or reduced lunch. They really should be thankful for what they have instead of griping about what they don't.

I'm not sure where you are

I'm not sure where you are getting your information... But I couldn't even afford to pay the loans that helped me get the teaching degree when I graduated!! Teachers also but in many more hours than just school hours. To have the responsiblility of raising our future... Teachers are extremely under paid!

Dead on Guest522! People

Dead on Guest522! People think teachers only work 9 months out of the year but many have to work summer jobs to make ends meet. Also, with low funding for schools, many teachers buy school supplies for their students out of their own pocket. Shame!